by Flaunt Magazine


When you’re as bat shit crazy as we are to toil in magazine making, pushing that boulder up the incline for twenty years takes all the luck, hocus pocus, good juju, talismanic fortune, earthy vibes, prophetic nine lives, and metaphysical aid you can get. As we prepare for the next twenty years in this here The Next Issue: 20th Anniversary Volume 2, we’ve called on all the freaky hippies, soothsayers, and cool clairvoyants we know to help bless the journey with an arrangement of twenty crystal balls, by which we have discerned that the years ahead, while promising to be as much of a ruckus as the twenty behind, indeed look to be as sparkling as our besequined Benzes. There’s quartz for cleansing those gunked-up chakras; Calcite for clarity of insight and action, confidence, persistence, and all-important intellectual power; Jasper for liver health and body detoxification, much needed after our customarily uninhibited weekends (ok, weekdays too—it’s just the nature of the business); Obsidian to temper all the god damned spice we like in our curries and Opal to free us from our worries, to name just a few. We invite you to stare deep into these balls, and welcome their power, their purpose. 

Written by Tate Dillow

Photographed by Jim Turner