Flaunt Premiere | Avery Wheless' "It'll Be Alright"

by Kyle Huewe

“Inspiration is key. An element of surprise is always a gift.”

Taken directly from Avery Wheless’ short film, It’ll Be Alright, this quote seems to surrender the overarching message of the film. We follow a lone subject as she wanders her living space, getting out of bed, taking a bath, eating breakfast. The woman is alone, but the atmosphere created by the videography doesn’t preach lonesomeness, but rather an interpretation of the emotional through interactions with the physical.

The film is shot exclusively on 16mm film by Gilles O'Kane and acts as a visual poem. An unseen narrator recites melodramatically inspirational lines in Spanish, subtitled in English, following the woman through her home and categorizing the internal monologue of the subject.

“Misinterpretation is essential,” the narrator states. “But don’t worry, it won’t last forever.” There is a lot to absorb from It’ll Be Alright, but overwhelmingly, the film proposes a misjudgment of reality, creating something optimistic through the fogginess of circumstance, however bad. At least that’s this writer’s interpretation – maybe you’ll have your own.

Short film written & directed by: Avery Wheless

Photographs by Gilles O'Kane