by Kenneth Goldsmith

After Pusha T

Alltoolyrical I'm, mistletouchable, penscrushable,

Bluntblank in a wissixy, blunterbusted in a sexsex of manhood,

Untouchin, unerdnacrushable,

Dullokbloonted in six hundred and six ragwords, bloodfaddered in a Sexsex home.


Yurap. I sdops revery blueblitzbolted moonshee,

To separabits myselfish from you bliakings of the Tubetube,

I am more H2, I am like Bonofide with the Sedge,

In Mexico, fuch Drinkbattle’s planked his pledge,

Leg end has it, the wristsends is magicscene,

The eleft is Prattlepate, Sir-Philip’s replaced by conchita,

Monsignore most requests for the futurepip feature,

Unless it’s getting played on the specis bizaas,

While she a deaf fuch and she plumsucked rushirisha,

Can’t you see my taytotally; Pammel, Pigsking’s Kisser,

I’m draiming for the germogall, why y’all Niggs, niggs and niggs again sclaiming at the localoption?

And raps sniggering brokecurst like them, they’re mereswin hopeful,

Swishingsight on a starre,

The last one to found out that babylone putzemdown cars,

The final lillytrilly of Jabberjaws,

The grillies like, interpro-vincial engauzements,

It inishfeel like, still whitethorn,

Matching missoccurs looks africot on me,

They’re tryin’ pings the traffic in transit on me like Mano-ark and Onamuttony,

My thot’s spilling cloever,

The lovensoft ceilidhe hopends, I crossqueets-numfit the cococancancacacanotioun,

Bladyughfoulmoeck! It’s a different hereticalist when I do the Lenonem,

Forninehalf a millioncandled doubleparalleled twixtytwins and ain’t nuttings surrented,

Yea, wearing Crookedribs in my Shitric,

It ankerrides a little butter in the cockshot ashpit.


Tenderumstouchings, erdnacrusha,

Blunterbusted in a sixtine,  blonged in a hundred and dirty,

Touchole, penscrusher,

Bluntblank in a six hundred,  blondblubberand  in a six ragword.


Muta told me to switchbackward slidder,

He just came home from the Peacefed as a philopotamus,

He tells me I miss out on all that clubsessel minted money mong maney, I don’t bounce-the-baller,

Swaradid gave me a millioncandled eye of Tuskar and that don’t bounce-the-baller’s blown,

The presidency of the goodfor musicall has been announced,

A blindquarters vermillion a estheryear that don’t bounce-the-baller’s blown,

I’m in the crores of these moviefigure, I’m losing countmortial,

Murmurrandoms, you knew me from thirt, see, ex and three icky totchty uncon-sciounce,

My breakmiddles gamest game butterbrotme ‘Seight Smile’ hamefame,

Selling Mum and Mistlemam to himmertality and th’Empyre,

Whitehat to the blickblackblobs I’m a castlevillain in,

The Rolls-Right, playing peekaboo with durk the thicket of slumbwhere,

Let’s pawkytalk about it gentlemine,

My barcelonas is Circumflicksrent “Anarch”,

Part on the side of my from swerve of shore like I’m Pably,

No blohablasting, I illsell blownose,

Hardalone wolfsbelly, no geh Tont, chonchambre,

Yuthner, let’s wapentake the scenictutors longroutes,

I could show you the strangerous fore-bitten fruit,

It’s chairmanlooking like Groot,

The open the halfaloafonwashed doubbllinnbbay, I climb it like kayoed twofromthirty,

These kilolitres are droughty columkillers, I rose goflooded the Apexojesus, I made use,

Of every spanishing whateveryournameis I done cram across,

No matter what the pinnyweight, I done rancoon it off,

I’m walking on thickerthanwater, I took the the ham of,

Tell Atulina and Edulia to turn the oscur camerad off, Push.


Untoupon, penscrusherble,

Dubloonik in a wissixy, dullokbloon in a crossexanimation,

Undfamiliar, crushmess,

Jaunted in a sixton, blunterbusted in a  sexmosaic of nymphosis.