Where The Streets Know Their Own Name

by flaunt

Flaunt Magazine pursues LUISAVIAROMA through their twelfth Firenze4Ever, a tech-powered, crystal-adorned extravaganza.
Florence, Pre-Pitti: Firenze4Ever ran January 9-11, and Flaunt graciously rode the wave of black-tie dinner parties, and in-store soirees, all the way to the crowning end of this bedazzling biannual fashion extravaganza.

This year's thematic installment, Tech Dreamers, emblematized the pioneering vision of LUISAVIAROMA CEO Andrea Panconesi, whose decades-long work with the brand is most accented by his 2004 launch of luisaviaroma.com.

In so doing, LUISAVIAROMA has embraced widescale shifts in technology and marketing, affirming their site as fashion's e-commerce vanguard.

Tonight, Panconesi kept things more simpatico, taking a Sharpie to his freshly shaven head, stamping an arrow towards a prosperous future.

Panconesi and his global-drawn team celebrated the Real, the Virtual and the Imaginary with powerful pop performances, futurist fabrications, and a melding of stylish minds from Beijing to Bratislava.

Crowds gushed over (and instagrammed and snapchatted) captivating live sets. Petite Meller, former Flaunt editorial darling, kabuki-red makeup and all, paired with a sultry saxophonist, while vocalist Jasmine Thompson opted out of the electronics, accompanied by a single acoustic guitarist.

For the festival's conclusion, set inside La Manifattura Tabacchi di Firenze—see vol. one and vol. two for the lead-up happenings—guests were met with furniture from overlapping eras (Deleuze would have marveled at this!)—historical elements, modern antiques, Art Deco.

Some furbishing were even designed by famed architect Claudio Nardi, who also designed the factory-turned-performance space.

Speaking of psychoanalytical triads, following her intensely captivating set, we caught up with Petite Meller, a philosophy graduate student: "The night was so open. I'm having so much fun," she exclaimed, adding, "There's no city like Florence. The art is alive here. I admire Luisa Via Roma's heritage and I had a fantastic experience with my styling session today."

As promised, Tech Dreamers delivered the Virtual and celebrated the Imaginary—a mirror made with thousands of Swarovski crystals cast each guest's reflection within a sublimating excess.

Throughout the night, kaleidoscopic sheets of colored laser light splished and splashed across the open loft space, while top fashion bloggers, editors, stylists and social influencers—who had all enjoyed a firsthand look at the S/S 16 arrivals in LUISAVIAROMA—got close, close and closer...

Goldilox (@yunggoldilox) wrecked it with an uptempo DJ set, while Dragonette turned up the club pop before NERVO (@nervomusic) burned it down into a fiery puttanesca of after-dark imbroglios.

Viva LUISAVIAROMA! At some point we lost Mr. Panconesi to the dancefloor, but, thankfully, from our roost behind NERVO's DJ setup, his Sharpie-arrow atop his head was still visible, forging through the crowd, and guiding the interconnected world of fashion and technology into the stylish unknown.

All images courtesy LUISAVIAROMA

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