There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time

by Katie Gavin

Step and Repeat graces the stage of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles this weekend
Step and Repeat is a celebration and exploration of live performance held annually at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Spanning across three weekend nights in mid-July, performers gather in one of five artfully curated spaces both inside and outside the doors of MOCA and deliver us into their imaginative worlds of comedy, dance, absurdum, and enlightenment.

This Saturday began in curated space 1 with the poetry of Maged Zaher and Nathaniel Mackey, after which the audience trickled across the floor into space 3 for a mixed-media movement piece written by Adam Linder and performed by Justin Francis Kennedy and Jonathan P. Watts.

The stand-out piece of the night, which was performed in the central space 4, was written and performed by artist and DJ Juliana Huxtable and dealt with and raised questions about her interracial sexual interactions and her experimentation in the world of race-play. The performance was visually, sonically, and emotionally abrasive yet endlessly substantive, and instantly became the figurative centerpiece of the night.

Musical performances by newcomer and high-priestess Azul and Family Artists’ “gruesome twosome” Ho99o9 provided a mix of spiritual sanctity and brazen blasphemy that left the audience with an electric current of possibility pulsing through their post-gendered fingertips.