Brand-Builder Tammy Brook Adds Art Curator to Her Resume with 'For Your Information' in Culver City

by Flaunt Editorial Staff

Tammy Brook | Gumball Machine by Daniel Cohen

Tammy Brook | Gumball Machine by Daniel Cohen

Tammy Brook is a woman of culture and philanthropy. She is the founder of pop culture and brand strategy agency FYI Brand Group, which touches on entertainment, fashion, music, culture, and sports. She's also has reps musicians Jhene Aiko, DJ Khaled, French Montana, Steve Aoki, and Desiigner (not to mention NBA stars Russell Westbrook and Amare Stoudemire).

An aesthete, Brook has been a lover of the arts since she was a child, viewing galleries and museums all over the world, and it was because of her love for the arts that Brook collaborated with prominent contemporary artists, opening exhibitions from LA to New York. When we ask Brook about why she chose to incorporate art in her business dealings, she's clear about her ambitions.

Rapper Desiigner, attending  For Your Information

Rapper Desiigner, attending For Your Information

“There is no denying that art has become synonymous with pop culture," she tells us. "It is such a respected and admired category and people are more fascinated with art these days. Art is the new fashion. It’s all about creative collaboration and creating disruptive partnerships and the contemporary art world is the future of this. Moving art into business is a natural organic progression for me. As the use of technology accelerates the pop culture conversation, in order of me to stay on the pulse, moving into art is the next move.”

It’s no wonder that on last Friday, FYI Brand Group and Joseph Gross Gallery collaborated to present their exhibition For Your Information. A gallery consisting of contemporary artists showcased in Culver City.

Artists on display included Micah Crandall-Bear, Elizabeth Waggett, Sebastian Wahl, and Erik Jones, Tahiti Pehrson, Peter Gronquist, Victor Solomon, and Nathan Wong. Pehrson and Wong sold their works, Interactivity (Pehrson), and NW 16 (Wong), causing a buzz. 

DJ Khaled's son Asad at  For You Information

DJ Khaled's son Asad at For You Information

Portions of the art show proceeds will be donated to Mama Hope to contribute to the expansion of the Suubi “Hope” Health Center in Uganda, bringing maternal health care to a community of 300,000 people.

“I believe the most critical part of anything I do is giving back," Brook says. "I’ve been working with Mama Hope for the past year and build a hospital in Uganda for maternal health care with French Montana. The project is near and dear to me, I’ve gotten to know first-hand stories of the people’s lives we are affecting. So it’s only natural to tie into this organization.”

A formidable figure in not just the entertainment industry, but in the art world and philanthropy, Tammy Brook exemplifies the importance of art and its significant role through community, encouraging us not just to savor the arts, but to give back. For Your Information will remain up until the end of February with new pieces to be included over the next few weeks. To view and purchase the art show online visit Artsy today.

Written by Leslie Gonzalez