"Foto Doc' Collection" Highlights Documentary Photography at fotofever Arles

by Chelsey Sanchez

© Gabriele Stabile,  Dance, dance, dance , 2007, serie Til The Sun Turns Black, courtesy Le Magasin de Jouets

© Gabriele Stabile, Dance, dance, dance, 2007, serie Til The Sun Turns Black, courtesy Le Magasin de Jouets

In a world of phone cameras, social media, and the internet, each photo we mindlessly snap makes us instant - oftentimes unintentional - documentarians. And, in a world changing about as fast as we snap our photos, now more than ever is the time to document these moments - these tiny slices of our immediate reality - as if to one day hold these pictures to future historians just to triumphantly prove: “I was here.”

Foto Doc’ Collection, an exhibition presented by fotofever expo arles, recognizes this invaluable importance of documentary making. From July 3rd to September 24th, this new exhibition will present the works of 10 different artists at the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation with a particular focus on documentary photography. The exhibition occurs in parallel to Les Rencontres d’Arles, an annual photography festival in Arles, France.

The works of the displayed artists takes us to South Korea, Afghanistan, China, Japan, Bolivia, Mozambique, and - of course - France. One collection examines the children enlisted in guerilla troops in Mozambique while another collection captures the unspoken relationship between mother and daughter. In each, reality is both documented and interpreted, a mesh between history and art.

Foto Doc’ Collection, in accordance with an initiation program for beginning art curators, will also provide a selection of works for less than 5,000 Euros and guided exhibition visits with commentary.

Written by Chelsey Sanchez

Featured image by © Suntag Noh, #BJK2219, #BIK0501 et #BIK0401, serie reallyGood murder, 2008-2009, courtesy AN INC