by Nigel Zeff


Aitor Saumell Esnaola


Jeremy Lucido with Shawn Morales


Benjamin Godfre


The Button-Popping Zine’s Founder and His Apollos

Ever wanted to make a catalogue of beautiful photos featuring everyone you’ve ever fucked, your friends, your colleagues you wished you fucked, your bar acquaintances? Jeremy Lucido has, and he’s done it with



The artist/photographer’s zine, self-described as “a book of naked men,” features photographic pictorials of men in various stages of undress, conjuring the golden era of physique publications like The Male Figure, Adonis, and Physique Pictorial, but with a contemporary edge. There’s hair, beards, tattoos, and brawn—it’s balls and all, unadulterated masculinity at its peak.

Lucido’s no-holds-barred approach sets his work apart from its contemporaries. “Earlier this year, Starrfucker was invited to be part of Zine World, a super-sized subsection of the L.A. Art Book Fair at The Museum of Contemporary Art. Surrounded by a sea of zinesters, I felt Starrfucker was the black sheep of the group,” he explains. “It lacks commentary, artist interviews, and scribbles by brilliant guest scholars. It’s simple, erotic, and raw.”

Whether his subjects are photographed stripping off their jockstraps or wearing leather harnesses across bulging chests, their tone is unapologetic—celebratory, even—of their manliness, sexuality, and toughness.

The spectrum of gay male representation in media is vast, from the glossy over-bronzed and over-plucked mainstream to the underground gay countercultures, with which Starrfucker is more closely aligned. Web, too, has made its mark on the culture—in fact, the publication (which started as an online blog) is now in production of its eighth issue. It’s a clear attest to the growing value of niche publications, as the printed page holds a kind of magic that’s not achievable online. “There is a fantastic nostalgic aspect to the medium of print.”

Photographer: Don Flood for Groomer: Tanya Abriol for

Grooming Notes: Beard oil by Beard Buddy and Commando Classic Beard Balm and Commando Old School Pomade by Brooklyn Grooming.