New Museum Announces First Major New York Museum Survey of Work by Raymond Pettibon

by Ana Hoyos

The exhibition opens February 8 and runs through April 16, 2017
Manhattan’s New Museum of Contemporary art, situated in the city’s lower East Side will soon open a major exhibition showcasing the riveting work of American artist Raymond Pettibon.

Since the '70s, Pettibon has been widely known and admired for his translation of American culture into stylized ink drawings and paintings. First recognized for his evocative work used in the '80s L.A. punk scene (including the album artwork of bands Black Flag and Sonic Youth), the artist appealed to the likings of a disgruntled, rebellious youth moved by the obscure and conflicted meanings behind his drawn figures and emotion–loaded quotes.

Heavily influenced by punk rock, Southern California surf culture, baseball and politics, the artist integrates his personal social observations with jarring critique through his interplay of image and text. As Pettibon’s first major museum survey exhibition in New York, not only will New Museum’s “A Pen of All Work” be the artist’s largest presentation, it will also feature more than 700 of his drawings from the 1960s to present day as well as an array of his self-produced zines, books, and videos made in collaboration with his artist and musician friends. Running from February 8th to April  16th  next year, the exhibition aims to celebrate Raymond Pettibon’s as an influential icon of American contemporary art and his controversial interpretations of the world that he observes.