She Looks Like A Raisinets Kind Of Girl

by flaunt

She Looks Like A Raisinets Kind Of Girl

Images from Hiroshi Sugimoto's book "Theaters" and horror stories from actual theater workers

And now follows a curated selection of curiosities found by cinema workers after the lights come on, as posted to Reddit…

ljohns 13: “Once my manager found a strap-on in one of the theaters. The crazy part is someone picked it up from the lost and found the next day. If you forget that sort of thing… accept that it is gone forever.”

Raradee: “I worked at one when I was 15 (eight years ago) and I remember one time I found pants. Not new pants, looked like someone just walked out and forgot their pants. That was confusing.

FeeFieFoFum: “A dead body. Had a heart attack watching Castaway. Poor guy. He was kind of stiff when they pulled him out on a stretcher.”

Let’s-Chop-Cats: “I work at an AMC in Columbus, OH. So far the strangest thing has been an entire clove of garlic. Unpeeled. It raised many questions.”

Tea_MoonBlue: “Someones panties laying on top of taco bell. True class.”

Plaid_Shirt: “A baby with a note attached saying “It’s your problem now”

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