by flaunt



“The purpose
 of the piece is
 to transcend the viewer to 
a peaceful and joyous state”*—Where sincere art duo FriendsWithYou inspires supreme meaning in a world of fluffy clouds

French-Italian clothier Moncler has partnered with Los Angeles artist duo FriendsWithYou for smile-worthy effect. A collection of colorful puffers—black to light-blue, red to yellow—form the apex of this chromatic collection. FWY’s signature graphics—Snowy, Happy Virus, and other sincerely simpatico creations—go on to adorn sweatshirts, t-shirts, bags, and sneakers. FriendsWithYou and Moncler didn’t just embellish already fine garments with innocently wondrous design (then it wouldn’t be FWY, right?). No, of course they inflated three-meter-tall characters at Moncler’s new Tokyo flagship store that opened in the Ginza district back in October. Smaller, resin figures joined the foray. Terry Richardson came out to play during a celebrity photoshoot, which was so right. Undisputed visionary Virgil Abloh—the brain behind fashion label Off-White and Kanye’s creative director—made it out to this rainbow wunderkindland [sic]. Alas, the shivers were scooted off in a puffer of FriendsWithYou x Moncler joy. Past the shiny Tokyo Moncler storefront, through the thronging revelers staving their chills in sleek chromatic style and up into the fluffy clouds—that safe space where creative collaboration condensates so as to rain anew. And now, a quick onesie-twosie with the artists.

Where would you like to be copied and where would you like to be pasted?

We like to be copied as much as possible and pasted in major public places and the magical places that impact people’s psyches.

When is the most supreme moment?

I feel it’s when you feel loved and everyone around you feels the same!

Describe the nature of working with a house like Moncler?

They are an amazing brand to work with as they gave us so much freedom! I feel that’s the only place where art can flow is with ultimate trust in the vision of the work and this was achieved with this project.

Do you think mimicry is sexy? Appealing? Alluring? Why or why not?

Haha hmmm I’m not sure. I feel it’s alluring somehow; it’s like being understood. Maybe it is what the birds have been telling us all along that we all sing the same song.

To how much of our day should we justly commit to self-reflection/examination? Is this quantifiable? Why or why not?

I think if you are self reflective for any part of any day it’s a good thing. The more you give to yourself the better your world becomes, as we improve ourselves, everything improves around us like a butterfly effect!

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