Following Dominoe To Artist Carly Foulkes’ Home And Show Opening (NSFW)

by Dominoe Farris

An interview and photos from artist Carly Foulkes' Los Feliz home, as well as from the opening of her first solo show entitled “Gardenia” at Studio Atwater on April 1st.

Interview and photos by Dominoe Farris.


Carly, what was the source of inspiration for your first solo show “Gardenia” at Studio Atwater? 

I was inspired by the 1970s. I wanted the series to feel like the viewer had stumbled onto some obscure feminist cult.


 I understand that all the photographs and video for “Gardenia” were taken in just a few hours in Idyllwild. Can you walk me through that experience? 

It was a great experience. I asked a group of women that didn't necessarily know each other on a personal level. All friends of friends, so it was interesting to see the different energies and connections. We spent the first 24 hours getting to know each other and by day two I felt like everyone had come together. That's the energy I wanted in the pictures. A sense of togetherness.


Can you tell me a bit about yourself? Where are you from and where are you going? 

My name is Carly Foulkes. I'm from Toronto, Canada and I'm going everywhere.


How long have you been a photographer? Do you work with other mediums?

I've always found this to be a hard question. Are you a photographer as soon as you pick up a camera? or is it after your first job? I've been taking photos for about 15 years now. Professionally, about 3. I also  LOVE collaging! Digital and cut and paste. Currently working on my first collage book PURRFFECT WORLD. 


Do you find it challenging at all to photograph nude subjects in a world that, for the most part, seems to be embarrassed by nakedness? Do you have any strange stories to tell? 

I do but I enjoy the challenge. I want to show people that nude photos do not have to be sexual, or gratuitous. They can be pure, or informative.  Don't even get me started on nipples. Being nude has always made sense to me. We were all born naked, we all have the same parts (more or less) why not celebrate that? The human body is such a beautiful thing.


What would be your dream photo shoot? Who would your subject be? Anyone, dead or alive and where would you shoot it?  

BILL MURRAY (Thats my answer to this question. Every time. I hope it works) ARE YOU READING THIS MR. MURRAY?!


If you believe in past lives, what do you think you were in at least two of them? 

1. An Otter

2. John Candy


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