Alexis Dahan Merges Two Streets with One Light, Brings Exhibit to the Patrick Parrish Gallery in New York

by Eva Barragan

Intruder, the latest art project from French artist Alexis Dahan springs from a public exhibition dating back to when he removed a New York cobblestone and switched it with one plucked from Paris.

The art exhibition features several lamps encased in a cement cast of the original cobblestone, surrounded by casts from the opposite city's cobble. Since 2012, he has had numerous exhibitions of sculptures, drawings and public exhibition in the United States and Europe. 

This isn't the first time Alexis Dahan has let New York City inspire him. In 2015 he opened a solo exhibition titled "Alarm!" where he brought the art to the sidewalks with an old fire department alarm box painted fluorescent red.


The exhibition can be viewed at the Patrick Parrish Gallery in New York until October 10.