An Aries is an Impossible Sign to Shop For, Until Now | Gift Guide

by Britton Litow

Air Max 270 shoes,  Nike , ($150). Belt bag,  Marc Jacobs , ($295). All natural clay mask and moisturizer,  Asara i, ($28.95 and $48.95). Travel cup,  Corkcicle , ($29.95).

Air Max 270 shoes, Nike, ($150). Belt bag, Marc Jacobs, ($295). All natural clay mask and moisturizer, Asarai, ($28.95 and $48.95). Travel cup, Corkcicle, ($29.95).

“I’m not materialistic. I believe in presents from the heart, like a drawing that a child does.” -Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice, queen of the Aries, tells us exactly what our fanciful fire signs want on their birthday. As the first sign of the zodiac they are truly children at heart—full of energy, curiosity, and fueled by their adventurous spirit. Treat their childish side with some playful yet chic lamps by Seltti and a pair of patterned socks by Darner.

Ruled by the Mars, the planet of action and motivation, Aries can be incurably restless and stubborn as a ram. Aries are always on the move, so indulge their active spirits with a gift that can keep up. Flaunt suggests Nike Air Max shoes (or Tevas for some land to water Aries), Marc Jacobs belt bag, and a Carbon38 sport top. 

Don’t let their whimsical, outdoorsy attitudes fool you— Aries have an appetite for luxury rivaled only by Leos (the infamous hedonists of the zodiac). Let’s not forget that Posh Spice also said, “I like a man with a good pair of shoes and a healthy gold card.”

With that in mind, we recommend gifting the finest, German-engineered film camera by Leica, or a jar of decadent manuka honey from Comvita. If you’re looking for a romantic gift for your Aries partner, we recommend the springtime perfume by Rosie Jane, or confetti candles by Paddywax (two birds one stone for confetti and birthday candles). 

To help you find a gift that your hotheaded Aries won't immediately return for store credit, read our full list of recommendations below!  

M Camera,  Leica , ($6,380).

M Camera, Leica, ($6,380).

Flying Too Close to the Sun ,  Phaidon , ($59.95).

Flying Too Close to the Sun, Phaidon, ($59.95).

Banana lamp,  Seletti  available at  Eataly , ($345).

Banana lamp, Seletti available at Eataly, ($345).

Ruffle sports top and leggings,  Carbon38 , ($138 and $145)

Ruffle sports top and leggings, Carbon38, ($138 and $145)

Perfume,  by Rosie Jane , ($50). 

Perfume, by Rosie Jane, ($50). 

Sports top and leggings,  Koral , ($65 and $88).

Sports top and leggings, Koral, ($65 and $88).

Anti-aging hand cream,  Osea , ($38). 

Anti-aging hand cream, Osea, ($38). 

Silk nightwear set,  Morgan Lane , ($268 and $228) 

Silk nightwear set, Morgan Lane, ($268 and $228) 

Manuka honey,  Comvita , ($18.99 and $56.99). 

Manuka honey, Comvita, ($18.99 and $56.99). 

Walking sandals and belt bag,  Teva  and  Marc Jacobs , ($70 and $295). 

Walking sandals and belt bag, Teva and Marc Jacobs, ($70 and $295). 

Hoodie,  Champion , ($75). 

Hoodie, Champion, ($75). 

Joaquin Dead Ale and Son of a Beach Ale,  Evan Evans Brewing Co. , ($5).

Joaquin Dead Ale and Son of a Beach Ale, Evan Evans Brewing Co., ($5).

Mouse lamps,  Seletti , ($112 each)

Mouse lamps, Seletti, ($112 each)

Mesh socks,  Darner , ($38 each).

Mesh socks, Darner, ($38 each).

Mesh bodysuit,  Tank Air , ($57.50). 

Mesh bodysuit, Tank Air, ($57.50). 

Confetti candles,  Paddywax , ($14 each). 

Confetti candles, Paddywax, ($14 each). 

Written by Andie Eisen
Photography by Jim Turner  ( @jimturner
Art Directed by Aitor Saumell @aitorsaumell
Produced by Mui-Hai Chu and Britton Litow