Allan Tannenbaum x Cheyenne Randell Limited Edition Iggy Pop Collaboration

by Niza Metoyer

Recently Allan Tannenbaum collaborated with artist Cheyenne Randell to release an exclusive limited edition book in honor of Iggy Pop. Tannenbaum shot Iggy Pop at the palladium in 1977, having started photography in the 1960’s he soon began to dream of a career in photojournalism. That dream was made a reality when he joined the SoHo Weekly News in 1973. His photographs provide a record of 1970-1980 documenting ideas, trends and movements. Tannenbaum soon became an award-winning photojournalist.

Cheyenne Randell is an artist that has seamlessly blended American tattoo culture with some of the histories most celebrated pop icons. A series entitled ‘Shopped Tattoo’ questions modern obsession with fame and the stigma that surrounds body modification. It may be Surreal landscapes or an alternative take on pop icons Randell uses photo manipulation to transport people into another universe.

The collaboration between Tannenbaum and Randell is limited with only 21 signed prints available at