Flaunt Premiere | Alex Lilly "Infantile"

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

Photo by David Black

Photo by David Black

Alex Lilly premieres the video for “Infantile,” the third single from 2% Milk, Lilly’s full-length debut album out now on Release Me Records. The track guest stars Daedalus, a Los Angeles based producer known for his works with Dublab and the groups The Long Lost and Adventure Time.

Lilly made a name for herself by playing in touring bands with acts like Beck, Lorde, and the bird and the bee before releasing 2% Milk earlier this year. “Infantile,” follows in the footsteps of second single “Pornographic Mind,” and stars Lilly and Daedalus goofing around with masterfully shaped balloons, provided by the artist Addi Somekh.

“The song is about throwing adult tantrums,” Lilly said “ So it just seemed natural to get dressed up in balloon outfits and frolic in the controlled chaos.” Watch the premiere for “Infantile,” below and witness the “controlled chaos,” for yourself.