Pirelli Announces 2019 Calendar Photographer Albert Watson

by Flaunt Staff

The Pirelli Calendar has been a market staple since 1963. Known for its inventive photographers, fascinating subjects, and exclusive distribution, it appeals to anyone who appreciates pop culture.

The past few years of the Pirelli Calendar have been no exception. From their 2016 calendar featuring powerful women shot by Annie Leibovitz to their 2017 non-airbrushed, makeup-free shoot with Peter Lindbergh. Most recently the 2018 calendar was shot by Tim Walker and featured a retelling of Alice in Wonderland which showcased a cast of all black fashion luminaries.

Now, Pirelli just announced the photographer of the 2019 edition will be Albert Watson. You may know him for his shot of a fresh-faced Kate Moss nude at nineteen or his take on a particular plucked goose, in the arms of one Alfred Hitchcock. Either way, the 76 year old innovator has imprinted himself into your subconscious at this point. His work on the 2019 calendar will look into the exploration of women with a “sense of inquiry.” If you're intrigued, you won't have to wait too long- 2019 is right around the corner!