Flaunt Exclusive | Selective Memories - 48Hrs in Play Deep

by Jalyn Eaton

In honor of the upcoming Wireless Fest 2019, broadcasting studio and art factory GRVTY releases a never before seen video of an impromptu, two-day recording session from Wireless Fest 2017 featuring some of the UK’s hottest new artists: Bakar, Collard, Two Another, Zach Nahome, Fredwave and SCORS. The session also features San Francisco artist Elujay

"Selective Memories - 48Hrs in Play Deep (London)" is a short video documenting the epiphanic moment of what happens when you gather seven completely unique musical acts and open up the floor to creativity. Famed producer, Peter Cottontale arranged these artists at London’s Play Deep Studios in the summer of 2017. This mini documentary gives a  glimpse into the electric energy encapsulated in those 48 hours.

Directed by Orlando Urbina and Marshall Tan of GRVTY and produced by GRVTY, Jimmy Bui, & Florina Krampen