1stdibs Exhibit | Frieze LA

by Taylor Giangregorio

1stdibs, the site for collectors and dealers of antiques, vintage items, and the finer things in life presents a multisensory experience, created by the Italian multimedia mastermind Mattia Biagi, for public viewing. The installation, titled “Metropolitan Sets,” features Biagi’s art paired with select furniture and objects from 1stdibs, smoke, light, and sound to produce an immersive experience.

Offered by the 1stdibs revolutionary dealer Twentieth, the series of sculptural furniture exhibited explores themes of nature and civilization, preservation and transformation, and life and death. Biagi constructed the three-dimensional works through a lifelong collection of photographic clippings from magazines, pornography, art history, and personal photos. After a multilayered ink process, the images were cut out and transformed from wood print to a three-dimensional sculptural collage.

The installation is showcased at BADD House and creates a reviving urban contrast of construction materials paired with historical motifs— juxtaposing the past and present. The smoke and light throughout the exhibit fabricate a theatrical component within the exhibit. Lovers of antiques, sculpture, contemporary art, and design will be sure to enjoy the kinesthetic exhibit, free to the public and open until Feb. 26.

1stdibs Exhibit

Participants: Robert Kuo, Gallery All, Twentieth, Another Human, J.F. Chen, MA+39, Dragonette Ltd,

Gallery Marmet, and LECLAIREUR.

Location: 1114 Horn Avenue, Los Angeles, California, USA

Dates: Saturday, February 16 – Tuesday, February 26, 2018 | 6p.m.-9p.m.

Photos courtesy of Injinash Unshin