Rachelle Ramiro | There's The Holistic Approach, But Sometimes You Gotta Hack Your Way In

The entrepreneur speaks on health, running a business, and the simple steps to self-care

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These days, there is no silver bullet for complete and comprehensive wellness. To be well in 2023 instead takes something more akin to a golden triangle: passion, education, and purpose. Enter Rachelle Ramiro, founder of Revive & Rejuvenate, where health, fitness, and wellness in-novation intersect. With her extensive background in nursing, Ramiro built her company from the ground up. Since then, she has accumulated a clientele that can attest to her quality practice and continually reap its benefits. Revive & Rejuvenate provides services that cater to every rung on the self-improvement ladder, ranging from health to beauty. On the health front, the company offers a variety of vitamin shots, including B12, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Zinc, and Vitamin D, amongst others, as well as custom IV drip hydration. For fitness, R&R provides amino acid and skinny shots, peptide therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen chambers. On the beauty and skincare front, the company offers Botox, micro-needling, and near-infrared light masks. With a clientele of professional athletes, NFL coaches, everyday gym-goers, and those seeking a new lease on life, Re-vive & Rejuvenate aims to provide the utmost care to all. But you don’t get here, of course, without putting in the work. Ramiro is double board certified as a nurse practitioner in pediatric and family medicine, with over 14 years of experience as a registered nurse and over nine years as a nurse practitioner. This provided a foundation for R&R, which Ramiro launched at the pandemic’s peak. Building a business amid a global crisis was a challenging feat and proved difficult for Ramiro, but with the encouragement and support of others, she persevered and nurtured Revive & Rejuvenate to where it is today

Flaunt spoke with the entrepreneur about her outlook on health, the challenges faced as a small business owner, and the simple steps she takes to practice self-care.

What initially drove you to make the transition from RN to Nurse Practitioner to entrepreneur?

I started working in pediatrics at the hospital, and I wanted more control and management of the patients. The only way I could do that and make a difference was to return to school and get my master’s degree. As a nurse practitioner, I can diagnose and give my recommendations, whereas as an RN, I follow orders from doctors and Nurse Practitioners. I then made more of a difference in patients’ lives.

Could you pinpoint the moment in your life when you decided that this is what you want to do?

I have been working with pediatrics for a long time. I disagreed with the management of my nephew’s doctor and was right. He was diagnosed with a rare liver disease and needed a liver transplant. I was one of the only family members healthy enough to give part of my liver to him. And I almost did, but an organ donor ended up passing in a car accident—my nephew was at the top of the list and he got his liver. I didn’t end up having to do it. But I was trying to figure out, “How can I get my family healthy?” “What can I do to help my parents live a longer and more energized life?” So that’s when I started researching anti-aging and thinking, “What can we do to improve longevity?” Because everyone is always telling me, “I’m so tired,” “I feel old”, or “I can’t do the things I used to do.” That’s when I really got passionate. And that’s how I got involved in NAD IVs, peptides, saunas, hyperbaric oxy-gen therapies, and biohacking.

What does ‘BioHacking’ mean to you and what have you learned in your BioHacking research?

BioHacking to me means a re-calibration of the typical aging process to ensure both a longer life and a longer quality of life. I think the more accurate term might be health optimization. Fortunately, there is a wealth of readily available information on this subject online and podcasts like interviews by Joe Rogan with Andrew Huberman and David Sinclair, which has allowed me to satiate a growing appetite for this knowledge. 

Would you say that the experience with your nephew’s health shaped your outlook on health?

Yes, absolutely. Life is a crazy ride and my nephew didn’t have a choice. He’s our warrior baby who started life fighting to be here. He will be on medication for the rest of his life since he is on anti-rejection medications.

We choose!!! Some people are born healthy, and they just decide to stay unhealthy, and then there are kids that are born with a disease—which is why I wanted to work with kids to begin with—because they didn’t have much of a choice. I tried to educate the youth so they could make better decisions for themselves even as adults.

As somebody who isn’t too acquainted with the wellness realm, could you share with me your elevator pitch as to what Revive and Rejuvenate does? 

Revive & Rejuvenate is a company that helps you feel Revived and Rejuvenated from the Inside Out. Not only do we offer cosmetic treatments and weight loss supplements, but we also offer health and fitness services. The most important aspect of health is exercise and nutrition. Those are the top two things you need to be healthy. And it’s not even services I sell. It’s a choice people have to make to do it or not. I do ask, “What are you putting in your body? How often are you moving your body?”

Apart from that, supplements can help, but they are to supplement what you are already doing that can help with energy production—the services we offer provide faster routes of absorption. So I do IVs that include vitamins, minerals, amino and antioxidants, focusing on supplementing an individual’s diet. Some people have difficulty absorbing it, and it’s an alternative route with 100% absorption. I don’t want people to rely on it—it’s just a supplement. Hydration is also essential. What kind of water are you drinking? That matters also. Knowledge is a powerful thing—I don’t sell it; it’s free if you want to learn. It’s hard for people that are running businesses or families or just busy with life in general. I get that too. That’s why this is a way to hack your life biologically. At the end of the day, everyone is busy hustling... You can work hard and make a lot of money, but if you’re not prioritizing your health and your wellness, the money’s not going to mean anything. You will spend all that money later on trying to get time and health back.

What would you say have been the highs and lows of venturing into this business? Both as an entrepreneur and as an individual?

I started my own business during Covid, so I had to change my business model. When I first started, my hope was, “Alright, let’s get a group of people—your friends, your family, your people that you really enjoy being around, that you could talk to about health and wellness. But then covid hit, and we couldn’t see anybody. So I ended up doing house calls for individuals. Most people didn’t have money during that time because they weren’t working. There was another setback. I got my car broken into. I had a lot of stuff—medical supplies and devices—in my car, and everything got stolen from me. Some packages were being sent to my places that were getting stolen also. I lost over $10,000 and didn’t get any of it back. So that put me down, and I was sad and thought, “Maybe this is too much for me,” you know? And I had people who were like, “Don’t give up. You make a difference. You make people feel really good.” And so I pushed through, and my clients are the ones that kept me going and believed in me. 

Is that persevering part of being your own boss, would you say?

Absolutely. I’ve had so many people tell me, “I’m so thankful that I have you in my life.” Because I make them feel better about themselves, whether it’s, “Thanks for helping me lose the weight, I needed the push,” or “I was really sick and you came and helped me feel better.” That’s what keeps me going. I love my clients, and I love their stories. It’s all word-of-mouth, too. I have a website, but I don’t pay for ads. So any clients I have—it’s because somebody told somebody about me. And that speaks to me.

That’s amazing. I feel like the fact that you’re going solely based on word-of-mouth really speaks to the quality of your service.

I try everything. Everything I sell, I’ve done. Because I wanted to make sure, first of all, that it works; I’m not going to sell anything that doesn’t work. Some people lie about products, water down products at a lower price, or don’t provide good customer service, and I think that’s why I’ve retained my clients because they trust me and know that I’m going to take care of them.

What are the steps you take to practice self-care?

I make time now to do my NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) treatments once a month. I do have to take time for myself, and I need to spend the money to invest in myself as well, but it helps me feel more energized, and I get more work done. I also work out a minimum of four times a week. Exercise helps with my mental health. When I first started, it didn’t matter what time people called me or texted me; I would always respond to them. And at a certain time now, I stop answering work calls. That’s helped a lot, too, placing boundaries. Also enjoying a meal. I do a lot of intermittent fasting, so when I get to eat, I’m like, “All right, this is my time to enjoy this meal and take a break.”

What would you say is the most rewarding thing about your practice and what you do for clients?

The most rewarding thing is making a difference in people’s lives and empowering them to feel confident. To me, that’s everything. When people tell me how good they feel or how good they feel they look, it makes me feel joyful. I love that it brings them happiness and confidence to give them a better quality of life. 

Lastly, what are you looking forward to right now? 

I am so excited to be opening a new wellness space. It will include hyperbaric oxygen chambers, infrared & red light saunas, and oral supplements. The company is called CEO2 Health. We currently have one in a private gym in Hollywood and plan to sign a lease at a hotel.

Photographed by Jonathan Mark Hendrick

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