OGBFF | Q&A with creators Lauren Schiller and Angela Ruis

Meet the niche internet micro celebrities behind OGBFF.

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Audra McClain

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Inside the craniums of Lauren Schiller and Angela Ruis are wit, a knack for Photoshop, and tits. The best friend duo are the post-ironic geniuses behind OGBFF, a Los-Angeles based DIY clothing brand for the chronically online. 

T-shirts and micro shorts with phrases like TITS FOR BRAINS, NICHE INTERNET MICRO CELEBRITY, FLOP ERA, and 100% FAKE have caught the eye of Julia Fox, Devon Lee Carlson, Emma Chamberlain, and dozens of other celebs and hot people across the globe. In a recent Genius interview, rapper Ice Spice dons OGBFF's HOT PERSON AT WORK graphic baby tee while explaining the meaning behind lyrics like "I got that wetty, I'm keeping it clean." 

Their newest collection dropped in January and features cut-and-sew pieces that branch away from their classic graphic tees. The pre-spring collection also welcomes the return of some of their most iconic pieces, like the mini skirt with MINI SKIRT printed in large white font that covers nearly the entire front of the tiny garment. 

Get to know the best friends and their slow fashion brand below. 

Tell me how you guys met, the whole background story.

Lauren: We met during COVID — like right before COVID — very briefly on the set of a music video. We were kind of just internet friends through quarantine and then, as things started to ease up a little bit in LA and people were hanging out again, toward the end of the year, we hung out for the first time and just started making stuff together every time we would hang out. Never with intention. Just for fun. And then Angela had a fabulous idea to print. Angela was printing all the time because she had a printer, so we just decided to print something that we had made and posted it on Instagram. We just never stopped doing that.

Angela: Yeah, immediately, there was a bunch of interest, and we weren't even a brand yet. And then we just kept independently releasing shirts, and we're like, wait, we need a brand now. It was like everything was in place.

If you guys hadn't met each other, do you think that you would still be releasing clothes independently? Or what do you think you guys would be doing?

Lauren: I was actually thinking about that on the drive in this morning. I don't know if I ever would have thought to put something on clothes. I would have probably continued to Photoshop shit and post it for laughs, but I don't know if I ever would have tried to actually make something.

Angela: I was making clothes before and kind of more cutting. So I don't know if I would be making post-ironic, what we're doing right now. Yeah, I wouldn't be doing like an OGBFF thing without Miss Lauren.

What do you guys think the key is to having a healthy friendship and also having a healthy co-worker or business owner relationship?

Lauren: It's honestly crazy. I don't think we take any day for granted. Where it's like, it's shocking and wild to work so well together. But I think we've realized that the recipe is love and respect. Because if you genuinely have that for one another, then all problems will just work themselves out. 

What's your favorite piece that you guys have come out with so far?

Angela: We have a lot of new, really exciting things. We have a garter tank that we're releasing tomorrow. This is a first for OGBFF and a part of our cut-and-sew collection. No graphic on this, by the way. We literally like hand drew them to represent how big we wanted the bows when we were having them made and made them in LA. The whole thing.

Lauren: From our baby tee collection, FLOP ERA, it has always been one shirt that really speaks to me. I think it's really iconic. Honestly, it's just a great shirt. Also TITS FOR BRAINS have a lot of love for and like I love to wear that out. I love the interactions that it invites. People look at you and smile, and makes you feel kind of powerful. Our 100% FAKE hoodie is like our uniform. On multiple occasions, we've shown up somewhere both wearing it; it's so comfortable.

What's one piece that almost made it out, but didn't?

Lauren: Whenever I scroll through my old Photoshop documents before we came up with the I’M NOT BOSSY I’M A BITCH, there were really random kinds of iterations for this collab we did with another brand. That was one time where it was like, we have a timeline. And we need to come up with a design. Normally, our designs are just like, Oh my God, we thought of something so funny. And we need to make it. So it's different to have an assignment. And that proved to be a little bit more difficult than just following the natural flow of ideas.

Do you guys credit TikTok or Instagram for your brand blowing up?

Lauren: It really is like what we did on all fronts. Depop brought us some of the biggest celebrities that have worn our stuff, we think. TikTok gave us an audience before we even had a website. And then Instagram kind of just gave us a place to show people what we were even doing.

Angela: So many people—we love to ask how people found OGBFF—they'll say that they found us on the Instagram explore page.

You guys said that Depop probably brought you some of the biggest celebrities to wear your stuff. Has ever been a celebrity who wore one of your shirts or like garments, and you were like, whoa, that's crazy?

Angela: In the beginning, when tinyjewishgirl found us on Depop, and she was down to wear stuff, that was shocking. And then randomly, Addison Rae posted a story in something, and we're like, how did she even get that? Then Devon Lee Carlson came pretty quickly. Then we got a DM from Emma Chamberlain one day that was like, 'you guys are geniuses.'

Who's the celebrity that you want to see where something from OGBFF?

Angela: Megan Thee Stallion! I think that AOC could be a politician crossover. 

Lauren: Yeah, Megan Thee Stallion, for sure. 

Angela: I think she would wear something really funny.

How would you guys describe the brand in three words?

Angela: Ironic, hot, and inclusive.

Do you guys have any advice that you would give people who are young and want to start a clothing brand?

Lauren: I think the advice that we give to people when they ask is be authentic. Be confident in your idea. You definitely have to believe in your idea for other people that believe in it. And ask for help. Use the resources around you. If you have a passion, you should just go for it.

Angela: Find your voice; you know, who you're speaking to, how you're conveying it. 

Why is sustainability important to you guys?

Lauren: We really care. It's definitely the only way for us. We wouldn't be throwing shit away; that was just not something that we would do. We're always going to rework or discount things if they're not good to sell. Creating slow fashion and knowing everyone that works on our garments is way more important to us than selling out. We enjoy being a small business. I think that you can expand, of course, but the aspects of sustainability that we have in practice are not negotiable for us.

What do you think the future of OGBFF looks like?

Lauren: It's really fun to kind of begin to imagine OGBFF in seasons, like a couple of collections per year, and it combines new silhouettes with our kind of classic graphic tee. Exploring, doing more cut-and-sew stuff is definitely on the horizon for us. 

Just as much as we love making clothes, we love making content. So just continuing to build our or TikTok. We want to do skits and have a show and work with other writers that can help us have a scripted series. This operation is hilarious and super unique every day. And we always wish that there was kind of a third person around just to record it all. Yeah, maybe one day we'll have that.

Angela: We had all these kinds of ideas that were just us hanging out, true to us before the brand. So that's why like, now as we're doing it, we're like, we want to do video, we want to do this and that, we want to make a song, we want to DJ. 

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