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Every choice and encounter is trailed by a ripple effect, some leading to dead ends and others leading us down a path where we remarkably find treasure and abundance, something unforeseen yet beautiful. At first glance, Morgan Kohan’s path might appear linear, but it is the fortuitous occurrences, mixed with intentional choice that form the mosaic of her career and how she arrived at it. Formerly a dancer, it is no secret that Kohan was destined for a life of performance. Unknowingly at the time, a destined visit to Broadway would be partially responsible for the full-fledged acting career that she finds herself with now. 

Kohan has starred in shows like Batwoman and When Hope Calls, but recently began a new venture as the lead character Maggie Sullivan in the CW’s new series, Sullivan’s Crossing, acting alongside Hollywood veteran, Chad Micheal Murray. Adapted from the novels by Robyn Carr, the show follows neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan, whose life is overturned after finding herself in unanticipated legal troubles, and must return to her childhood home and estranged father at a rural campground in Nova Scotia as a result. The show, which premiered on October 7th, has already been picked up for a second season, and we couldn’t wait to talk to the rising actress about all things Sullivan’s Crossing and her journey as an actress. 

How did you get your start in acting?

I didn’t really get into acting until I was in college. I went to New York and saw Broadway for the first time, in grade twelve, and immediately set my sights on a Musical Theatre College. I somehow shockingly got in with only my dance background. College was definitely where my love for acting started. Once I graduated, I slowly began to focus on film and tv and that really felt like home for me. 

What is one piece of advice you can give readers about following your dreams?

To be fierce in your pursuit but also patient, things have a funny way of working out. Also, to forever keep learning and stay curious about your craft!

Can you briefly describe your journey to get the role of Maggie in the show?

For the most part it was a pretty standard series of events! I got the audition and self taped for the role, then had a callback with Roma Roth, our showrunner, where she gave me some notes and we talked about the character. I believe I re-taped it with an added scene and then had a chemistry read with another actor. A week or so after that I got the good news! 

Many are saying the show is a cross between classic CW shows like Gilmore Girls and Everwood, can you tell us how you think this show harkens back to the more classic narrative dramas CW became known for?

Sullivan’s Crossing is a family drama that takes place in a small town with a super tight knit community, and because of that, you really learn to love each character and grow with them. Not to mention it has a beautiful, slow burning love story at its heart. It’s the kind of show that I think everyone can see a part of themselves in and that’s what I believe really made those classic narrative dramas on CW thrive the way they did.

You are working with One Tree Hill veteran Chad Michael Murray, what was that like?

Working with Chad has been a blast. He’s as equally ambitious about the show, incredibly kind and a very collaborative scene partner. We’ve built a really wonderful friendship over the course of filming these seasons. Couldn’t have asked for a better ‘Cal’!

Tell us a little bit about your character, Maggie Sullivan. What do you have in common with her?

Maggie is a very ambitious and dedicated woman. While she does have a lot of walls up and can be very guarded with her heart, she ultimately just wants to be loved for who she is (even if she’s still trying to figure out who that is!). I think everyone can resonate with that, including myself!

In the show, Maggie Sullivan returns to a small town from the big city, as she is seemingly running away from something in her past. Does the idea of running away from something resonate with anything that has happened in your own life?

I don’t think I’ve ever ‘run away’ in the same capacity that Maggie does but I have taken a breather, so to speak, when I had some big relationship shifts. And for that, I went to my younger sister where she took perfect care of me with fuzzy blankets, walks, wine, and trash tv. 

You have competing love interests in the show, who would you personally like to see win?

Cal! Of course! Listen, Andrew’s a great guy, perfect on paper and very dedicated to Maggie, in a way. But I don’t think you can watch the show and not root for Cal!

Without giving anything away, can you give one teaser about season 2 as you are filming that now.

We learn about a lot of the characters pasts and you’re going to understand why they tick the way they do. Everyone has baggage. We’re really diving in deep to everyone's relationships this season, and that includes Maggie and Cal. 

Sullivan’s Crossing is now airing on The CW.

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