Giuseppe Giofrè | Speaking on His Autobiography, ‘Stidda’

Swimming Upstream

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Photographed by Luigi & Iango

In his raw autobiography, Stidda, Italian dancer Giuseppe Giofrè shares the depths of his personal journey toward achieving his dreams, learning along the way that there is no greater driving force than the belief in one’s own capabilities. Giuseppe’s memoir begins with the chronicles of a young boy’s upbringing in a small Italian village. His passion for the art of dance was always evident. While most children faked an illness to get out of class, Giuseppe played hooky to watch Britney Spears concert videos online, feeling that the Princess of Pop provided him with a more enriching curriculum.

Like most boys who learn to swim upstream from a young age, Giuseppe endured his share of bullies. On one occasion, he recalls an incident where a boy slapped him, breaking his beloved sunglasses. Instead of letting go of his destroyed possession, Giuseppe saved the broken glasses as a reminder of his resilience. Bullying was an inevitable part of his journey, but he refused to allow it to be his defining chapter. 

Giuseppe’s quantum leap came after winning Amici, an Italian talent show. For him, it was more than a first-place title– it was a validating testament to all he had endured, proving to himself (and the world) that it was worth it. From there, Giuseppe has gone on to global stars like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez. He even returned to Amici as a judge to bestow the torch upon the next generation of dancers.

Despite his triumphs, Giuseppe remains humble through his transparent recollection of the pathway that brought him to the big stage. He openly reminds us that resilience, self-belief, and passion are at the forefront of greatness.

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