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Written by

Nate Rynaski

Photographed by

Angella Choe

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Eddie Alcazar, off the heels of his newest science-fiction hallucinatory tale, Divinity, has teamed up with British gaming mogul and fresh producorial face, Paul Wedgwood, to launch the Los Angeles and London-based production company, Entropy Pictures. Entropy—an incubator for projects that are “character-driven, high-concept” and with “commercial appeal,” according to Deadline—is the next stage of transformation for the two.

The duo have gone through something of a metamorphosis of their own, transferring their skillsets and backgrounds, and migrating to filmmaking. In 2004, Alcazar was at Electronic Arts in the game design division, where he worked on the Medal
of Honor
series. A year and a half later, Alcazar founded his own company, Alcazar Entertainment, focusing on design and 3D modeling for commercials and video games including The Matrix: Path of Neo, James Bond: From Russia with Love, Oddworld: The Brutal Ballad of Fangus Klot. Wedgwood, on the other hand, joined the gaming industry in 1999, eventually founding Splash Damage in 2001, where he worked on titles including: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, DOOM3, Batman: Arkham Origins, and many more. This year Alcazar premiered Divinity, the avant-garde Sci-fi fantasy, at Park City as his offering to Sundance Film Festival. Starring Stephen Dorff and Bella Thorne staring film has now been acquired by Utopia and Sumerian.

In 2007, Alcazar sold his company, and a crack began to form from which the worlds he was creating would emerge, eventually going on to write the script for his first feature film, 0000. “Eddie and I were sort of both out in the scene in LA, but we got bored very quickly with nightclubs and stuff like that,” recalls Wedgwood on the first inklings of his partnership with Alcazar. “Both of us were much more interested in our games, backgrounds, the movies we like, the stuff we like making.” Then, about a year before the pandemic, after both Alcazar’s and Wedgwood’s companies were in the rearview, the two headed straight for the film industry.

Entropy Pictures, the next step in their journey, emerges asa new leg of Wedgwood’s investment firm, Supernova Capital—which also owns a few developers, video game publishing, and an entertainment festival. For Wedgwood, this new addition is a space “to give Eddie creative control...quite the opposite of what other people would ordinarily do.” On the director-driven attitude of Entropy, Alcazar says, “It’s very lopsided these days...We’re trying to at least even it out just a little, so people could see something different on screen.”

Wedgwood’s trust in Alcazar’s vision, paired with Supernova’s broad reach throughout media, opens up the possibilities of exploring this creative capital beyond the silver screen. “Wehave divisions in every other area of entertainment,” Wedgwood says, continuing, “it can be a different aspect of a story. It can be a different level of lore.”

What’s to come as the inaugural project from Entropy? Alcazar is already working on his next feature, an animated thriller called Absolute about a pair of college friends who create a device with the potential to change humankind’s relationship to the universe. Details about the film are under wraps, but what Alcazar can reveal is that, “there’s a big emotional aspect of identifying what you have... and realizing that you might have already had what you were looking for.”

Photographed by Angella Choe

Written by Nate Rynaski

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