Delilah Belle Hamlin | There's Symphony in the Storm

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Written by

Shei Marcelline

Photographed by


Styled by

Lauren Jeworski

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It is when we question our own voice that strength is substituted by silence, when the foundation we confide in appears to collapse beneath us. Yet when 24-year-old actor, influencer, and entertainment royalty, Delilah Belle Hamlin, tussles with the storms of life, she is compelled to harken her strongest, steadiest, and most sophisticated self.

Hamlin grew up in Beverly Hills, California, the scion of Hollywood headline makers and television personalities, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin. Hamlin has been seen extensively on episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and has amassed nearly 2 million Instagram followers. Her off-camera frays with physical and mental health—a propulsive force in her budding music career—have colored her artistic output thus far, particularly as a blossoming musician. “I’ve learned that music and writing are really my creative outlets,” she shares following her shoot in Los Angeles, “and they’re ways for me to open up about my struggles, and hopefully share with people through music.” 

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This journey met a critical juncture in 2021, when Hamlin experienced an accidental overdose, resulting in seizures. Over the course of our interview, she candidly reflects on the backlash of her hardship, after opening up about it on Instagram. Learning from social media’s misconceptions, Hamlin now seeks solace in the pages of her journal, transforming her entries into songs. 

In writing and exploring herself, Hamlin hopes that musical artistry can express what spoken words cannot, and that her listeners “get whatever they need to hear in that moment.” Currently working on a debut album, Hamlin defines her music as ‘ethereal pop’ with heavy layers of emotion. We all know of the calm before the storm. However, it is ever-apparent that for Hamlin, the calm after the storm is what she’s chasing. We continue our conversation as the sun sets over the very Hills that have influenced who Hamlin is—at least until now. 


How would you classify the music you’re currently making? 

I’ve always loved singing. I was in choir, musical theater, and doing vocal lessons at a young age. I thought that I was gonna go into R&B, but I think music is a journey and my genre might change in the future. Who knows? As of now, we’re going with ‘ethereal pop’—I’ve made that up. I’m currently working on an album. I believe you will be hearing a single first, hopefully, at the top of next year. 

Are there any pieces of advice your family has given you that impact your work?

There’s two pieces of advice that really stuck with me. One is to be kind to everyone. The other was even if you’re feeling horrible, go to work, get the job done, and be professional about it. That has been a bit hard for me as of late. I’m just trying my best to be the girl that can power through anything, and just get to work even when she’s not feeling well.

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What has been your biggest personal ‘tempest’ in life?

The past two years of struggling with health and seizures have been really difficult. But also, there is something so beautiful about struggling. I know maybe that doesn’t sound right, but there is something beautiful about going through hard times. I’ve learned so much about myself, and even though it’s been the hardest period of my life, it’s taught me about being grateful for what you have now.

How have you used your platform as a way to talk about your physical and mental health?

I initially made [an Instagram video] because I was feeling very helpless and hopeless. I started having seizures back in July of last year. That’s really why I took to Instagram, because my family and I were trying to find doctors, and no one could figure out why this was happening. I’m grateful to have a platform because I got many recommendations. At the same time, it saddened me when opening up that some of my words were misconstrued. It’s why I haven’t been more present on social media about mental health, even though I’d love to. But, through this time, I’ve learned that music and writing are my creative outlets.

MIU MIU jacket, top, and skirt and talent’s own jewelry.

And what about your journey with sobriety?  

My sobriety is something I’m very grateful for. It also got really misconstrued. I haven’t really spoken about why I became sober. I chose to be sober because of the seizures that I was starting to have because of brain inflammation. I’ve been a year and some months sober from alcohol and other things. I don’t think about it. I love this lifestyle. I wouldn’t push it on anyone, but it’s definitely an amazing feeling. It’s such an interesting word, the word ‘sober.’ It’s shown me the connotations that come with it—like, “she’s an addict.” No, I’m really just living my life without substances to get me to feel something. I feel enough.

What’s a piece of advice you would give Delilah from two years ago? 

This one’s emotional. I always see people saying, ‘I would’ve told myself five years ago X, Y, and Z.’ But, I didn’t know that I’d be here, to be honest. This one’s a hard concept for me to grasp because you never know. Maybe: keep fighting, you’re gonna figure it out, you’re still gonna be alive, and your dreams are coming true.

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Photographed by Lowfield
Styled by Lauren Jeworski
Written by Shei Marcelline
Hair: Frankie Payne at Opus Beauty using Oribe
Makeup: Tami El Sombati at The Wall Group
Producers: Carling French and Kit French at French Productions
Production Assistant: Tiana Molony
Location: The Fleur Room, Los Angeles
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