Charlotte D'Alessio | A Sweet Space In-Between

Somewhere between good and evil

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Bree Castillo

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Silken Weinberg

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For Charlottle D'Alessio, seeing her hands in the light is just as alluring as playing with the silhouette of her hands in the shadows. Forever tangled with the evergreen tendrils of consciousness, the twenty-four-year-old Canadian-born model and now podcaster, is traveling inward to find the truth, marveling at the intricacies and intimacies of growing up. 

With her podcast, Between Good and Evil, D’Alessio captures the essence of “life’s curiosities,” as she navigates through her stream of consciousness aloud and with intention.“Honestly it helped me with my confidence lame enough as that sounds haha. I honestly didn’t really think too much of my conversation skills to be honest,” she shares, “I just knew I liked talking to people about their lives."


The show has featured friends like Finneas, Josie Canseco, Albert Hammond Jr., and Charlotte Lawrence and explores her own relationship with ideas of comparison, acceptance, and ego. Her latest episode, ponders the question “How Long to Wait Before Having Sex?” And while some questions will never truly have an answer (or at least one that we can all be certain is right), D’Alessio breathes in the challenges of life’s puzzles, giving meaning to the seconds in between sentences and the thrill of uncertainty.  And maybe, asking questions is more important than ever finding the answer. 

See here, Charlotte D'Alessio, reflecting on the light, and the dark, and the sweet space in between.

What have you been dreaming about lately?

I'm dreaming a lot about the future & past tbh. Which is nice in a sense. I think it’s cool to try to see years ahead and predict or sculpt out what you want or subconsciously think will happen.

Presence is such a buzzword of late. Do you feel like you’re in the moment?

I feel like I'm a pretty present person naturally which I'm grateful for. I'm not sure why but it’s definitely something I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older. I think people really interest me & they pull me in & force me to be present.


With your podcast Between Good and Evil, what leads you to the topics and people you discuss them with?

I honestly let them dictate where the conversation goes & don't preplan the direction. With certain people there’s things im going to be curious about which is great because that’s a section I know we’ll go into. But for the most part I see what comes up & it’s very in the moment decision making in terms of the topics. I think there’s a beauty in spontaneity & not setting strict expectations of what we’re going to talk about. But research on the guest always helps guide moments back on them.

How has recording BGE help develop your voice, opinions, openness, and empathy?

Honestly it helped me with my confidence lame enough as that sounds haha. I honestly didn’t really think too much of my conversation skills to be honest, I just knew I liked talking to people about their lives. So I knew I could technically do a podcast & I’d be fine. But it’s really helped me discover a confidence in my social skills. Because I watch them when they’re out & have just been able to see it through a different perspective. & feel like I can genuinely talk to anyone & be fine /hold my own.



On social media, What's good? What's evil? Do you feel with social media you’re exposed to other ideas, or is it largely an algorithmic echo chamber of voices?

It’s definitely an echo chamber. Everyone has their own filtered personalized one. It’s honestly terrifying in that sense. Everyone thinks they’re right.  To the same token, everyone is entitled to a voice. I think what’s good about it , is connecting people. Obviously. What’s bad about it is the attention span diminishing, taking up too much of our time, people not experiencing boredom anymore, cancel culture.

I think it’s separated us a lot. I think we’re Al more alike than we are different, & we all want similar things. I also think most people are decent people & to not judge people so viciously & just to keep in mind.


Speaking of, what has been echoing in your head in your early/mid-twenties? Any epiphanies?

Mines honestly just figuring out how to like myself. Sounds so intense, but it’s so true. I’ve been doing a lot more of that. I don’t really think I thought too much of myself to be honest. & I'm realizing it’s sometimes a good thing to give yourself compliments & claim your competence as a person. That’s honestly been playing a lot in my head over & over. & to stop judging myself & allowing myself to just fuck up. I’ve been very controlled in my past. So I'm just learning to stop doing that.


How do you find beauty in the brutal?

Music for me. Music always helps me appreciate the day no matter how much pain im enduring. Idk what the hell it is about it. But it can always get me up out of my bed to move around to. & good songs always makes me feel good. Even in the darkest moments of my life. It’s that powerful. So without that I don’t know how I would. Music makes me feel like everything’s gonna be okay haha.

How do you keep your heart open?

I don't know if Im the right person to answer this solely because I don’t know if mine ever is. It’s not a good way to go through life I don’t recommend it. It’s always to new friends I’ve noticed. But to everything else it’s always been locked away. In time im sure I’ll figure that out.

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Photographed by Silken Weinberg

Starring: Charlotte D'Alessio

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