Casey Affleck | Relax, And Let The Cosmos Do The Talking

Via the 25th Anniversary Issue, Under the Silver Moon

Written by

Photographed by

Greg Gorman

Styled by

Luca Falcioni

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Casey Affleck has known many a moons–those of the bootstrap and bulldogged, those that rise over the rippling lakebeds of fame, that foster the sleepless and lonely, that decree like Dylan Thomas: And all my grief flows from the rift / Of unremembered skies and snows. Yes, Affleck is an actor, writer, director, moving through a zone of orbing energies, the poeticized politic of entertainment.

Affleck leads an interesting, if not envious, life. Just this week he was spotted in a Dartmouth hoodie alongside childhood friend Matt Damon while filming new film The Instigators in Quincy, Massachusetts, which is about thieving and running from one’s thieving. He recently played legendary musician Donnie Emerson in Dreamin’ Wild, where he wore extensive plaid and reminded us it’s never too late to live out dreams, that the flairs fired up from youth may have more shelf life than we might anticipate.

Here, the Academy Award winner graciously answers a couple of itty bitty ditties:

What was different when you were 25?

Nothing. Except I saw it coming. Now I see it going. Amen.

Based on feedback from media or community, what do you feel your most misunderstood role has been to date?

I have no idea which roles have been understood or misunderstood. I’m not sure there is a wrong way anyway.

You recently did Dreamin’ Wild. What is challenging about a music-led film of this kind that you hadn’t anticipated?

Being half-decent.

What is one thing you’d be content to do 25 times in a row?


Photographed by Greg Gorman

Styled by Luca Falcioni at Opus Beauty

Grooming: Robyn Lynch

Retouching: Rick Allen

Flaunt Film: Isaac Dektor

Lighting: Rotolight

Light Modifiers: California Sunbounce

Camera Assistants: Gerardo de la Paz and Tyson Lee Smyer

Stylist Assistants: Tanner Blake Jackson

Location: Greg Gorman Studios

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