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In Conversation About the Beauty of Living With Ease

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Photographed by Miriam Marlene.

The intricacy of existence; we quickly find that it comes with moments of tranquility and despair, at times making us question who and what we can turn to in times of need. Be that as it may, Callie Wilson, a lawyer and a lover of ease, summons the discovery of solace in the coexistence of both the beauties and flaws of life. With her presence comes a sense of comfort and reassurance, emitting a delicate relatability as she explores the complexities of connections to her mental health, her romantic life, and the ways in which she navigates it all.

After embracing vulnerability on the ventures she encountered as a law student, the rise in her online presence commenced, but the declaration and pride in her emotions did not come to an end. Wilson further embarked on an unfamiliar endeavor; one that is embodied by raw actualities and truth, in pursuit of reminding humanity to prevail through the trials and tribulations of life “with ease.” Her passion for openly sharing the fluctuations of moments and experiences within her own existence has guided her to the birth of her flourishing podcast, Living With Ease, streaming across a multitude of platforms and touching the hearts of many. Not only did she find a connection with her audience through a renowned podcast highlighting her journey, Wilson collaborated with Lushious in the creation of her own swimwear line, designed for women with bigger breasts, becoming a hit and selling out within 48 hours. 

Wilson continues to encourage an installation of gentleness and grace within ourselves while engaging on her own road to discovery. FLAUNT spoke with Wilson about her ambitions, her relationship with her online presence, and her willingness to be vulnerable. 

Photographed by Miriam Marlene.

Where did the phrase “with ease” come from? How do you approach your own life “with ease”?

I always laugh when I get asked this question because “with ease” becoming my catchphrase was totally random and unintentional. A couple years ago I made a tiktok of myself making an egg sandwich and in the captions said to do everything with ease and from then on I just started saying it and people caught on and it stuck. Now three years later I have it tattooed on my body and am working on getting it trademarked hahaha. Of course over time it has developed a deeper meaning between me and my community. I really believe that life is all about the mindset you have going through it. I’ve always really struggled with OCD and anxiety. Stemming from that, I tend to really catastrophize things and situations in my head and will find myself assuming the worst rather than the best. Over the past year, I’ve been trying to become a lot more mindful of my own thoughts and outlooks on my life. I like to think approaching life with ease represents taking it day by day and maintaining a positive and hopeful attitude. Obviously implementing this mindset is easier on some days than others, but another big part of approaching life with ease to me is being kind and gentle with yourself.

Do you see law being a part of your future plans? Has becoming an influencer shifted your aspirations?

This has been such a touchy subject because so many people got very upset with me on TikTok when I announced that I didn’t intend to practice law anytime soon. I started law school in 2019 with the full intent to graduate and become a practicing lawyer. When the pandemic hit, I, like many others, started a TikTok out of sheer boredom and loneliness. I had no idea it would take off. I remember my dad joking that he would be shocked if I made $500 from the app. Now, it has become a full time career and is much more lucrative and flexible than the legal position I would have pursued. Social media has definitely shifted my aspirations, but that is not to say I don’t plan on using my legal degree, I may just use it in a more nonconventional way. I still made sure to pass the bar exam and am currently working on the final steps of being sworn in as an attorney, but I feel no rush or desire to step into that path of my life right now. I still feel really young (I just turned 26) and if I’m being completely transparent I really have no idea what I want to do with my life and I am finally coming to terms with the fact that not only is that okay, but it is a very normal thing to go through in your twenties. One thing I have really grappled with this year is the idea that it is okay to change your mind and change paths. I spent a lot of 2023 feeling very lost and panicked, but now I am leaning into the beauty of not knowing what I plan to do with my life. Instead of dealing with an overwhelming feeling of existential dread, I feel excited that there are so many other opportunities and unturned paths I haven’t even come upon yet. And my law degree is going nowhere.

What did it mean to you to come out with a swimwear line with Lushious? What other types of collaborations and projects are you hoping to do in the future?

My swimwear line with Lushious was my first collab ever and it was so fun watching it come to life. It’s funny because I became friends with Atlanta (the founder of Lushious) through this collab and now a year later, she is my manager. It was a really meaningful first collab for me, as I have always really struggled finding bikini tops that fit my boobs. Everyone is always surprised when I say this, but having big boobs is literally my biggest insecurity, so working with a size inclusive and big boob friendly brand like Lushious was very special to me. In the future, I would love to eventually have my own sunglasses line. My favorite way to accessorize an outfit is with sunglasses and I am always in sunglasses day or night. I’d love to create a high fashion look sunglass line without the high fashion price to make it accessible to everyone.

Photographed by Miriam Marlene.

You just came out with a podcast called Living with Ease, what are your intentions with this new project? What inspires the topics you discuss? Do you plan on having guest speakers in the future?

I am so excited to have finally launched my podcast because I have been talking about having a podcast for years. There are so many aspects of my life I have not shared with my besties on Tiktok that I think could really help others. For example, in a recent episode, I delved into my extremely nonlinear and non conventional path that led me to law school. Unlike your stereotypical law student, high school and early college me was failing classes, doing drugs, and lacking any aspirations or drive. This definitely was not the most tiktok friendly story, but it felt so important for me to share somewhere because seventeen year old me would have found so much value in someone with a similar story saying it was going to be okay and it’s not too late to turn your life around. So many people reached out to me after the episode letting me know how much it helped them/made them feel less alone and that meant the world to me. My favorite thing my besties on TikTok tell me is that I’m their comfort person and that’s really what I want my podcast to provide for my community. I have gone through so many periods of my life where I have felt very alone, and in those times I always found comfort in storytimes from other people going through similar situations. I hope for my podcast to bring that same comfort to my own community now and make at least one person feel less alone. I’ve made so many mistakes in my life that I want to share so not only I can learn from them, but my besties can too. I definitely plan on having guest speakers in the future.

What is your relationship with social media like – is it adding more good or bad to the world?

My relationship with social media is very hot and cold. On one hand, it has quite literally changed my life and provided me with such an amazing community of besties. I started social media in a point in my life where I felt really alone, and connecting with people through my content brought me so much comfort. I’m at a period now in my life where I really can’t imagine feeling alone, because I know that I have so many people supporting me and that is such a surreal and amazing feeling. On the other hand, with social media comes negativity and hate, which definitely can really negatively effect your mental health. I’ve been trying to become a lot better at letting these comments roll off and not allow them to dig deep.

How do you remain grounded and true to yourself whilst living in the digital era?

Social media has definitely been hard on my mental health. Between hate comments, reddit threads, and finding myself subconsciously equating my like count to my own self-worth, I’ve had to learn to let go in order to be able to protect my mental health. At the end of the day, I always remind myself that the only people who really know me and my character are my friends and family in my personal life. And at the end of the day, that is all that really matters.

How do you find beauty in the brutal?

This sounds so cheesy but I really do like to live by the saying that life happens for you and not to you. Whenever anything “bad” happens in my life now, I know and comfort myself with the fact that it is a lesson I will learn from.

Photographed by Miriam Marlene.
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