Model Agent Calais Goord’s journey so far

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Back before Calais was discovering and managing some of the most in demand models in the business, she was a 16-year-old living in the UK, who didn’t sign up to college and took her career into her own hands, hustling her way to the top of the fashion industry. She’s secured countless covers, billboards, campaigns and major jobs for her clients with publications and brands like Vogue, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chanel.  



Matthew Bell, Boy De Chanel, the first Chanel men’s beauty line



What was your proudest moment growing up?


When I was 9 years old, I auditioned for The Royal School of Ballet. Only 10% of applicants are accepted from the audition process, so it’s a huge achievement. It requires, discipline, commitment, and enthusiasm.

I was lucky enough to dance on stage at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London where Darcey Bussell, the most famous British ballerinaof her generation, became the Principal dancer.



Devon’s local newspaper, featuring me and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley above 


What was your first job out of college? How did that lead you to what you do now?

Actually, I never went to college and I’m proud of that fact. I was a determined go-getter from the beginning. When I was 11 years old, I became hooked on a TV show called "SCOUTED" on E! Entertainment, which chronicled the journey of a model agency. It instantly ignited the passion to be a model manager. Three years later, I was fortunate enough to intern at Victoria’s Secret in New York City. Being born in Devon, in the Southwest of England, the same county as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, my sight was set on moving to London and work at the most well-known model agency in the world. Despite being initially told I was too young, I persevered and eventually became the youngest full-time employee they had ever hired, landing my dream gig at 16 years old!


Yarelis’ first digitals at the agency after Calais discovered her on Instagram

How did you get where you are now from that first position? 

After being approached by an agency in LA, while I was on vacation, I took the interview the next morning and walked out with a job offer to move to LA.

With a lot of patience, and faith, in 2019 I was on the plane moving my whole life from London to LA. 

One month into being with an agency in Los Angeles, I discovered a model on Instagram who is now one of the most in demand models not only in LA but also markets in Europe, such as the UK.

Fast forward to now, I am based in Miami and working as a Senior Model Manager at one of the most notable agencies in the United States, representing models such as Nadia Ferreira, Meredith Mickelson, Nina Agdal and Camila Escribens (recently crowned Miss Peru) to name a few famous faces, and not forgetting the boys, like Isaiah Campbell 

Yarelis in front of one of her two billboards in Los Angeles (La Cienega Blvd and Sunset strip)


What is the most rewarding part of your role as a manager?

The fashion industry is changing at 100 miles an hour, so being able to manage a model’s career from the beginning, and in my case watching her life change completely, has been my biggest achievement since starting in the industry. Yarelis Denise, who’s career I started from day one. had her booked in the UK with top brands such as ASOS, Boohoo and I Saw It First, before she even had a passport. She even flew over to LA to visitthe agency for the first time before flying to London where she was already booked for that whole month. Soon after her first few days with Boohoo, I negotiated an exclusive contract for her on a monthly retainer, which had her flying back and forth from LA to the UK/EUROPE every 2 weeks. Ever since I signed her, she has been the highest earning model of the whole company between LA and NY. 


Why is it important to foster a community among your clients and use the platform to empower women, or men, in fashion and business?

The mission is a commitment to representing woman, or man, as more than just a model, but as a brand, and that can be from whatever platform they choose. It’s important that as a manager, you embrace their voices.

Shiseido ‘Ultimune’ skincare launch in Malibu, Los Angeles

You’ve worked in London and the USA; do you find that there’s a difference in the work culture?

Completely. LA and Miami have a certain magic. Even to the most highly strung person, they bring a level of calmness. There’s so much to do depending on who you are. They’re both very healthy and creative places to live. You can be accepted for who you are in Los Angeles and MiamiYou can walk down the street wearing anything you want to wear, and nobody is going to judge you. They’re both a melting pot of creativity – from the music industry to the fashion industry, DJs, you name it – both cities have something for everyone, right? What comes with that, a more relaxed attitude in the office. Very business-minded, but relaxed. People enjoy working in the office. There’s laughter, we don’t take things too seriously.


How do you work with a model who doesn’t really know what their personal brand is?

I start from the beginning. I see the models as individuals. I talk through who they are, what they believe in, what inspires them. What’s held them back in life, what’s their footprint.


What do you look for in a model besides being pretty?

An authentic story so we can build a platform. Something true to who they are that speaks to a larger audience. It’s about representing individuals, not just models.

How do you judge that?

By talkingcommunicating, and listening. Sometimes, if you just take the time and get to know somebody, that’s when the stories come out and you can dig a little deeper and see what people have on their wish list – fantasies of what they want to do in life, dreams that may seem unattainable. I think that’s what we’re here to do, make dreams attainable.

Someone’s desire could be to be a designer, someone might have a desire to be on the creative side or the photographic side. Someone may have a charity that’s very near and dear to them, there are so many things…and I think it’s about listening.


Why do you think models are coming back as the top celebs right now?

I think that in society today the idea of celebrity has changed. Back before social media, an actress was an actress, a singer was a singer, and a model was a model. Overall, people stayed in their lane.

Now, with social media giving everyone the platform, the word celebrity has evolved. Celebrities now are much more accessible than before, with Instagram and Tiktok. They have branded themselves as individuals. This heightens the population’s interest and therefore brands are eager to collaborate with them. It’s a welcome crossover.



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Calais Goord