It is better to travel well, except for when we really just wanna get there

by flaunt

Millie Brown's Solo Show and pre-Coachella Freak Fest

Last night we dusted off our kimonos and dancing shoes to go and co-host the opening of Millie Brown’s solo show, RAINBOW BODY on Melrose Place, with delightful collaborators Nicole Ehrlich, Natology, and Jay Luchs. While sipping strawberry libations provided by Casamigos Tequila, rum concoctions by Caliche, and intermittent splashes of Tiger Beer and Scribe wine, and grooved to upbeat jams spun by Kim Anh with equipment provided by Serato. We pondered the meaning of where our bodies end and art begins before putting theory into practice at Blind Dragon later in the evening, where we hosted the after-party and our pre-Coachella Freak Fest in the red lanterned lounge before retiring to one of the karaoke rooms and—amidst a chilled sea of Absolut Elyx—giving our best “Pour Some Sugar on Me” rendition EVER, with Mauro Remiddi (Porcelain Raft) and Sebastian making feet move outside. Fully fueled, now we're off to the desert, where we hope to have another kind of corporeal experience.