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by flaunt

Twerking; A How-To
Step 1. It’s very important first that you have the proper twerking attire! I prefer something stretchy that allows lots of movement! You’re going to be moving parts of your ass and hips you never even realized you could! Wear something with a pattern. You’ll hypnotize and mesmerize onlookers that way.

Step 2. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty shall we? It’s all about the bounce in your ass! If you can jump up and down and your ass is still moving after you’ve stopped jumping, then you’re a shoe-in! Think of it like you’re going to sit down but at the last minute you hop back up. Do this repeatedly—that’s cute. Your feet should be shoulder-length apart and you should lean forward slightly—then give it all you got!

Step 3. Footwear. Twerking is done best in heels! I prefer something like a platform stiletto. They’ll provide you with the support your body needs and give you that arch in your back that will drive the boys WACKO!

Step 4. Confidence is key! This may be one of the most important steps of all! However you’re going to move, you have to own it!

Photographer: Vijat Mohindra for Stylist: The Kids at Model: Allison Chen. Hair & Makeup: Joyce Bonelli.