Flaunt Exclusive Track Premiere: Gavin Turek’s “The Distance”

by flaunt


From her upcoming EP 'Good Look For You', out February 17 on Madame Gold Records

Soul never goes out of style. But, sometimes it might go a bit dormant, waiting for someone like Gavin Turek to channel it for a new generation with all the funk and groove and sultry swagger required to match the masters. Turek is a classic triple-threat, with singing, acting, and dancing all on stock in her formidable repertoire, but what comes through in "The Distance" is her song-writing chops. With a deeply funky bass groove, snappy percussion, and a voice that nimbly traverses notes out of the range of most mortal cords, she constructs a song that somehow takes the best tenets of a good funk soul track and imbues them with a modern sensibility that makes it all sound new.

According to Turek, "The Distance" comes "from a place of longing and loneliness and that blissful heartache you feel when you think you can't make it another day without a certain person but at the same time you're just grateful to feel something that strong. I wrote the song with producer Chris Hartz, and I think we both wanted to capture that feeling you get from listening to "Computer Love" by Zapp & Roger--sensual funk with a strong hook everyone can relate to at some point in their life." They captured it well.

Her new EP 'Good Look For You' drops February 17 on Madame Gold Records. Until then, keep it funky by bumping "The Distance" below.

Written by Sid Feddema
Photograph by Tiger Tiger