by Flaunt Editorial Staff



Jack Novak is a rising star with a sparkling personality and style that will make you notice her even on an off-stage day. The DJ and singer's video for "The Greatest Night Of My Fucked Up Life" is currently racking up hundreds of thousands of views.

But she took a break from rocking the decks and concerts to allow us into her Los Angeles home, where we went straight to her closet. Check out what she's got in there the stories about her favorite pieces.

What can we find in your closet?


I’ll start with shoes.

My favorite pair that I own is this steel toe Chanel ankle boot. But the sad thing is I lost one of the toe tips crossing Sunset Blvd on my way to a dinner. So Chanel, please, please, send me a new pair?

I bought these fringed 20th anniversary Louboutin boots awhile ago but I haven't worn them out yet. I don't know why, you could go completely nude with nothing but these boots on and they'd still steal the show. I should do that. I guess I'm waiting for the mood to strike me. 


The more  exotic the shoe, the better. Anything leopard print--it is the perfect neutral. I have so much leopard. Two pairs of booties from Louboutin, over the knee boots from Sergio Rossi, flats from Dolce and Gabbana, and platform heels from Prada. But that's still not enough. Drape me in leopard in a leopard print room and I might be satisfied.

What do you have on right now?

The sneakers I'm wearing were made for me by a fan. He used different lyrics from different songs of mine, some unreleased. ‘’Addicted To You," "The Greatest Night Of My Fucked Up Life," "Get High Make Love", and then he put my name on them, too. I really love these so much and I wear them all the time. They light up, but I haven’t figured out how to turn them on. 

I ordered these Ragged Priest jeans online and when they arrived, I realized they have no back! So I wear them with a pair of tiny shorts and fishnets underneath. But if you really want to turn some heads I recommend you wear them with nothing underneath and go shopping on Rodeo.


Where do you shop?

In Los Angeles? Opening Ceremony, I like going to the vintage markets such as the Rose Bowl. You can find amazing things there for the low. And of course, Net-a-Porter and LUISAVIAROMA. For shoes Barney's is a girls best friend. For fun trendy pieces that don't break the bank, I recommend Sorella on Melrose. 


Do you have a favorite bag?

All girls love Chanel. I remember the first time I made some real money, first thing I did was: walk straight into the Chanel store and bought a classic black leather quilted bag. I still have it somewhere. I remember feeling so proud walking out that store with my beautiful new bag. Unforgettable!

Do you wear more heels or flats?

Oh, my God! love both! When I lived in New York, I wore high heels every day, through the snow, on the subway, really everywhere, and it killed me. When I moved to LA, I noticed people are more casual here. You see girls in the street wearing yoga pants and sneakers, so I started to buy more sneakers myself. I love anything iridescent.

I bought these silver sneakers in China. They were a souvenir from my tour around Asia. The shopping there was crazy. I own a lot of Nike. Some of them I’ve had since high school. I will never get rid of them. They hold a lot of memories.


Where is this jacket from?

A lot of my clothes have some kind of a story. A couple years ago for my birthday, my friend blackbear spray painted my logo on the back of this AllSaints leather jacket and gave it to me as a gift. The older it gets the more soft and buttery the leather gets. I collect leather jackets and this is one of my faves.


What's the difference between how you dress on stage and your day-to-day style? Is there any?

I still like to feel cute even when I’m home and comfortable to move when I'm performing. When I’m on stage I choose things that are shiny and stand out more, but I have to be able to move in them. I used to DJ a lot. Like latex! There are some amazing sex shops in Los Angeles, that you can go to. Buy a vibrator and some amazing clothes! Don’t forget to get a lubricant, otherwise you won’t be able to get into them. I’d wear it with more casual pieces. I love faux fur and fur, fuzzy things. Oh, and velvet!! So comfy!



Written by: Linda Nyvltova
Photos by: Natalie Benesova
Video by: Andie Eisen