by Flaunt Magazine

F is For... Fendi celebrates its unique bond with the graffiti-art world presenting GRAFFITI.  For the very first time, 8 street-artists from Rome interpret the word “graffiti” with their own style by writing the word inside 8 world maps, each one personalising his/her own world, symbolic of street-art and talent on the rooftop of Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana.


Participating in the LVMH initiative ‘Les Journées Particulières, taking place the 12th-14th of October 2018 at the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, you get the chance to see the graffiti art piece alongside their homage to its savoir-faire in all fields from Couture including ready-to-wear and fur, to leather goods, shoes, watches to Fendi Casa.

03_F IS FOR_graFFiti_JBRock.JPG

For those who don’t already know F is For... Fendi is a platform made by Millennials for Millennials to show their talents and creative ideas giving a voice to the upcoming generation.

To further the celebration of this performance, the Fendi artisans will recreate each of the 8 artists artwork using discarded materials during Les Journées Particulières further celebrating this unique bond in a continuous tension between tradition and innovation.

The exhibition will be open to the public, with a free access and no reservation requested, from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. Exceptionally the exhibition will be open for 3 extra days (from Monday to Wednesday) for School visits that would have to be booked in advance, to pass through the message of the importance of craftsmanship to the younger generations. Palazzo FENDI Boutique in Largo Goldoni, will also be available to visit as part of the FENDI itinerary within the Les Journées Particulières project.

Written by Lily Burdis

Photos courtesy of Fendi