The Unknown Room 

by John-Paul Pryor

by Wendy Bevan
Taking inspiration from the Magic Theatre of Hermann Hesse’s seminal novel Steppenwolf—in which the protagonist discovers and kills his female doppelgänger—British artist Wendy Bevan creates a Kenneth Anger-esque netherworld of washed-out, faded glamour. At the center of the work is an exploration of androgyny and the notion of the faux queen; the model a projection of the artist’s own desire to step through a glass into a mystifying, genderless arena of refracted light and infinite possibility.


Photographer: Wendy Bevan for Stylist: Sam Willoughby. Model: Rebecca S for Hair: Robin Pawloski for Makeup: Carol Brown for Set Design: Petra Storrs at Photography Assistant: Sir Archibald Scott and Ithaka Roddam. Location:, London.