Grace Banks' Book, Play With Me: The Objectification of Women In Art Through Dolls, is a Must-Read

by flaunt


Grace Banks is a freelance journalist, activist for the feminist movement, and has now added author to her list of professional duties. The writer has contributed to magazines and newspapers such as the New York Times, Time Out, The Guardian, Vice News, Interview Magazine, and InStyle over the course of her career.

Lately Banks has been researching topics of the objectification of women’s bodies and dolls in an artistic sense, hence the name of her book: Play with Me: Dolls, Women, and Art. Grace uses her interests in affecting women in politics and culture to write about contemporary artists contorting the human form in a doll-like nature. 

In an interview with WWD, Grace clarifies that, saying, “When I say dolls in the book, there are dolls but it’s also appropriation of women’s bodies. I think dolls are really the ultimate objectification of women. I find that quite an interesting feminist concept: there is this element of how you’re seen and how you want to be seen, and I think a lot of young feminists now don’t mind seeming like they’re objectifying themselves. And I think dolls really lend themselves to that.”

To read the interview with WWD click here.


Written by: Morgan Vickery