Zadig & Voltaire | Unisex Collection

The French brand launches its 40 piece Unisex Collection

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Maria Kyriakos

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Androgyny, being effortless, and a tendency to lean into rebellion, are all synonymous when French house Zadig & Voltaire comes to mind. The contemporary luxury brand, started by Thierry Giller in 1997, has always played on the contrasts and similarities between feminine and masculine; but they are now ready to make it a permanent fixture by launching the Unisex Collection. Zadig & Voltaire are playful and honest, with the brand's history and ideals rooted in transcending any and all barriers of restriction when it comes to gender, time, and fitting into a box. As the next natural step of this, comes the aforementioned collection.

Creative director Cecilia Bonstrom has imagined the collections without bounds to gender or age - this felt like the natural next step for the bold brand. In the shared collection there will be roughly 40 pieces, with 11 different looks showcased in the ad campaign, taken from the core of the Autumn-Winter 2023 Collection. Zadig & Voltaire has an ever-growing persona that aligns with the brands past and present. The capsule will continue to have an influence on future collections and will become a recurring line, highlighting the brand's history, heritage and identity. The Unisex Collection is available now online and in stores.

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