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Home decor brand Yellowpop is collaborating with The Andy Warhol Foundation for a limited-edition collection of eight LED neon art pieces that honor Warhol’s most iconic work. The pieces, which went live on October 13, include Flowers, Campbell’s, Banana, Cow, Brillo Box, and of course, Marilyn Monroe. The launch is a true testament to Warhol’s influence on the art world through his work in visual art and film since the 20th century.

All items are available to purchase individually, but there are also deluxe sets with four Flowers or four Marilyns that include a Yellowpop NFT that allows access to membership benefits like lifetime discounts, early access to drops, and exclusive events.

We spoke to Yellowpop co-founder Jeremy Cortial about working with the curation process, working with the Warhol Foundation, The Velvet Underground, and nostalgic colors.

Describe how the curation of Andy pieces was done. Did you have these particular works in mind or came about through the process?

We had been contemplating doing this collab for a while and so we already had a pretty good idea of what we wanted to achieve. The idea of this collection is to make a tribute to Warhol's legacy. Highlighting the different phases of his life as well as the different techniques and products he used to express his art. Our campaign video perfectly illustrates that by creating six different scenes that all have links to Warhol's life and legacy.

What was a pleasant surprise in working with the Warhol Foundation?

Working with the foundation has been an absolute pleasure! From our very first meeting with them, we shared a mutual excitement in seeing this project coming out. The entire process was mostly brainstorming on how to make the end piece look the best it possibly could. For example, we had a long debate on whether or not we should have the mouth of the Marylin made out of neon, but we were not 100% happy with the final result so we decided to remove it.

What’s your favorite Velvet Underground song and why?

As a French man, I'd be tempted to go for “Femme Fatale” even though “Sunday Morning” is definitely an iconic song. Let's go for “Femme Fatale.”

What is a color in the collection you love at the moment and what sort of nostalgia does it create? What comes to mind?

I'm actually obsessed with the Brillo sign and the light blue color in it. I have just installed one in my house, and I also put the stickers we give in the box on my phone. For me, this sign is the nicest sign we have ever designed. The 3D feeling, the print, the coolness of the Brillo box, and all the history behind the design make it special. Light blue is a very calming and comforting color, that for some reason reminds me of my childhood.


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