Tyzen: The Hypnotic Maestro Bringing Comedy to Hypnosis

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Jorge Lucena

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Comedy and hypnosis are two different worlds, each serving separate purposes in a person's life—however, a genius thought of combining both to offer a hilariously exhilarating experience. That genius is Tyzen, a professional comedy hypnotist who’s inviting others on a laughter ride in his mesmerizing world.    

Tyzen is a master of comedy and hypnosis and is renowned for enchanting his audiences at shows. His innovative style of merging humor in his performances can be attributed to his journey through different life experiences. Growing up as a magic enthusiast in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Tyzen gradually worked his way up to become a Junior Grand Champion of Magic.   

At the tender age of 13, Tyzen discovered his fascination for magic. This realization dawned on him after he watched the mesmerizing performance of the legendary David Copperfield, where he escaped from an exploding building. Soon after, Tyzen’s musician father introduced him to Morris Entertainment, a renowned entertainment agency. With Winnipeg as the home of big names like Doug Henning, Darcy Oake, and Dean Gunnarson, it was here Tyzen explored his passion and shaped his future in the entertainment world. 

Tyzen started honing his skills while he was still in school. He performed at various events like birthday parties, corporate gatherings, and bar mitzvahs. During this time, a school project introduced him to hypnotism, and he was determined to ace it. He still recollects the moment when he hypnotized the school jock, making him believe he was a graceful ballet dancer. This incident marked his entry into the realm of hypnosis. 

In the highly saturated entertainment space, Tyzen has managed to carve his own niche with his natural flair for performance and ability to develop a genuine connection with the audience. As his local shows grew in popularity, Tyzen felt the need to level up his skills. He underwent formal training at the notable Omni Hypnosis Training Center under Gerald Kein. 

With more refined hypnotic skills, Tyzen landed an opportunity from an agent in Portland, Oregon, eventually putting him in the limelight across the United States. He joined Mason Entertainment and soon became a sought-after name in Las Vegas. This is the same agency that shaped the career of Terry Fator, the winner of America's Got Talent. Tyzen gained recognition while performing with Fator at different fairs. 

Realizing his unique skills needed a better platform, Tyzen launched his own show titled "Persuasion" at Harrah's Casino in Reno, Nevada. Since then, there has been no looking back for him. However, Tyzen had to overcome challenges like skeptics and reluctant volunteers, which is pretty common for stage hypnotists. Through his genuine connection with the audience, he is able to build trust. 

Former Senior Editor of the National Inquirer Edward Sigall writes about Tyzen, “I have seen other seasoned stage hypnotists at work, but I have seen no others able to achieve the audience reaction that Tyzen elicits not only by hitting their funny bones but by using his art to expose human foibles, pretenses, strengths, and weaknesses in a way that produces gales of laughter and the bonding that comes from the realization that we all share the same humanity.”

This ability that Tyzen possesses has led to him ruling the stage as a comedy hypnotist and as a headliner on Royal Caribbean Cruises. But his aim goes beyond the stage. He aspires to perform in television, a goal he is determined to accomplish. He is not just a master of hypnosis but a comedic mastermind. Tyzen’s experience in theater has helped him combine spontaneous humor and genuine wit with hypnosis, offering an immersive experience to those who come to his shows. He can create a whirlwind of laughter through a world of illusions that captivates his audiences.  

Tyzen will continue his journey into the world of entertainment, extending his presence to soft-seat theaters across the U.S. With a unique approach to entertainment through a blend of hypnosis and comedy, Tyzen has plans to enchant audiences beyond expectations.     

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