Top Fitness Gurus To Know In 2023

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Women and men at the forefront of the fitness world are making an impact on the lives of their followers and inspiring others to do the same. In a sea of countless influencers and fitness coaches, these stand-out gurus are at the top of the fitness chain, providing motivation and expertise to people searching for the answer to their fitness goals. These experts show results and lead the pack with successful business pursuits and large followings. 


The following key players in the fitness community have been on their A-game, and they’re only gaining speed in 2023.

Kim Constable, CEO and founder of the Sculpted Vegan, is one of them. She lives in Belfast, Ireland, with her husband and four children. She started her company in 2017 as a platform to merge her two passions, veganism and bodybuilding.


Kim’s rise to notoriety is a remarkable story of success that was started by building something from very little. 


She started the body-building-focused company with no capital or investment to back the endeavor – just confidence that she had the unique content and ideas that could enhance people's lives. 


In a short time, The Sculpted Vegan has developed a following of loyal vegan and body-building enthusiasts growing her company beyond her expectations. 


Today, the company claims to be one of the world’s largest of its kind, and say that they have generated over $20 million in profit through the sales of over 500K fitness programs. Kim, a visionary with ideas that resonate with her fans. In fact, her next business venture was inspired by fans that looked up to her for advice and asked the same question over and over; how could they, too, start their own online fitness businesses?  

Only Fitness was the answer to that question. Kim will launch the world’s first social media fitness focussed marketplace this year, serving as an app for fitness creators to sell their content. 


Kate McKay is another highly accomplished woman to make her mark as a Fitness influencer and entrepreneur. She has dedicated her life as an instructor to live courageously and inspire others to reach their goals in fitness and business. 


As a certified high–performance success coach, Kate has helped her clients increase their productivity and live with increased clarity, energy, and fulfillment.


She does transformational speaking, podcasting, and bikini modeling, to name a few of her pursuits – all while being a multi-million-dollar business owner.   


Kate has exciting projects on the horizon, including authoring her upcoming second book Claim Your Inner Hottie. Her first book is an international best-seller called Claim Your Inner Badass. The books serve as a guide to help anyone transform into the best version of themselves from the inside out. 


Hailing from the East coast, Carmelle Jean-Francois is a fitness and nutrition Coach and entrepreneur from New York City. It was injuries sustained by a serious car accident that motivated Carmelle to make herself stronger and explore different areas of fitness.  


She’s now the founder of cFIT Coaching LLC, a Motivational Speaker, a Medical Exercise Specialist, a blogger, YouTube influencer, and just added co-author to the roster with her best-selling book International Women of Color Who Boss Up.


As a fitness enthusiast and advocate, Carmelle provides community as well as individual support as a coach and trainer to women over 40 that are on their own personal journeys to being fit, healthy, and empowered.  


She combines fitness with her program, the POWER of the PLANTS, to teach her clients how to incorporate plants into daily meals and to emphasize the important role that health and nutrition play in their overall health and wellness.   


‘The Smile Ambassador Of Thailand’ – Fuad Agoro, says that he most enjoys “putting a smile on people’s faces around the world.”  Indeed, the entrepreneur has not led a stationary life – he’s been traveling and vlogging his fitness journey on his Youtube channel, using it to connect with others interested in staying in shape while on the go. He documents his tips and tricks to persist and find creative ways to work out. 


The Chicago native was born in London, to immigrant parents from Nigeria. He moved to the US as a young boy, but it didn’t take long for him to be on the move again. Fuad has been traveling consistently since 2013, adapting and chronicling his experiences along the way.  He is the founder of Abnormal Marketing as a Social Media Marketing Specialist. 


Fuad says his most proud achievements are, winning his first jiu-jitsu match, boxing match, and kickboxing match.  


These four gurus are the fitness experts to be learning from. If you're looking for leaders to look up to that are well-versed in physicality, training, and increasing confidence –  these heavy-weights are reigning supreme. 


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