Thom Browne | Fall 2023 Couture Collection

Storytelling through couture

Written by

Cerys Davies

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The Palais Garnier in Paris becomes a quasi train station of some sort with the vision of Thom Browne’s 2023 Couture Show.  Two thousand paper men in Thom Browne uniform fill every seat in the 19th century Opera House. Porters in dark sunglasses, skirts, and knee high socks leave their luggage in the middle of the revealed runway to open the 2023 Mens and Women’s Couture show.

Once the grey leather trunks and travel bags are perfectly placed within eyesight of the audience, passengers begin to board the runway. Every look incorporates the grey motif within different elements of the outfit. Some models are decked out in canvassed coats, while others strut in unconventional silhouettes that broaden the shoulders and make each look more circular. 

The levels of couture heighten as models who are pigeons and gargoyles wearing sequined encrusted dresses and rompe l'oeil body silk drapes, begin to intermingle with the runway of passengers. Embracing the true spirit and aesthetics of train stations, Thom Browne fully paints the scene with the overly grey men and women’s couture collection. Through the innovative use of accessories, the thematic feeling, and use of a protagonist within the show, this haute couture debut takes the brand further down its experimental path.

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Thom Browne, Men and Women's Couture Collection, Palais Garnier