‍Trying out Royal Sugar's drug of choice in 'Fleeting Love'

You want more.

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Hailing from Florida and currently based out of Nashville, Royal Sugar is styled as a contemporary, modern take on Glam Rock–an unapologetic live-wire act both reviving and revitalizing an all-but-forgotten epoch of rock history that is ripe for a new generation of artists and a new generation of listeners as well. Gen Z fans were hungry for a band like them and they have racked up over 83k followers and nearly 2M likes on Tik Tok. “We were blown away by how many people on there shared the same desires that we did to see this rock resurgence, specifically people who like pop and glam rock,” Cohenour adds.

Royal Sugar style themselves after the trappings of Glam Rock, but with a dash of modern (and even baroque) pop spice. Their live performance act is a throwback vibe to the likes of Def Leppard, Motley Mötley Crüe, Rolling stones, and The Doors. Royal Sugar’s Tyler Cohenour (frontman) and Garrett Carr (bass/vocals) first met in college in Florida, the same state they both hail from. Growing up, both musicians had a penchant for the type of rock music their dads raised them on, like AC/DC. Upon meeting and becoming friends, they realized they may be musical soulmates. 

Currently comprised of Tyler Cohenour (Frontman) and Garrett Carr (Bass/Vocals) have released ‘Fleeting Love’, a piece about toxic relationships that shows the vicious cycle that involves receiving a quick hit and feeling low right after. The relationship is likened to a drug.

"This song is about our drug of choice: Toxic relationships. A widely experienced trope but one of the most powerful. Running back again and again to a toxic fling for a quick hit and feeling low right after knowing that’s all it will ever be. You want more. You want love. Likening this person you run to as being as addictive as a drug. With just as many side effects."

On the cinematic side of things, "Fleeting Love" is a cold, stark, and unforgiving music video that plays on concepts of solitude, romantic misfortune, and isolation, subtly coding in its visual vernacular that "drug of choice" and the hollow feeling it leaves behind. The video was Directed by Ryan McLemore and it focuses mainly on showcasing some of the band's stage presence.

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Royal Sugar