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A Whirlwind of Colour

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The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. Whoever said that probably knew that the best co-captain to flying through time is the seditious watches from the iconic maison Roger Dubuis. A watch that is rooted in horological tradition while also disrupting the future with its revolutionary design is the best way to keep track of your ever fleeting time in this life. 

Roger Dubuis is a Swiss watch manufacturer that started in 1995. The renowned Maison is the inventor of hyper horology, a disruptive concept in the watchmaking industry that introduced radical designs and futuristic elements, unfamiliar to the traditionalists of the watch world. Hyper horology is emblematic of the outside the box thinking Roger Dubuis has strived to maintain in his work. 

The Excalibur Sunrise Double Tourbillon will be released this year at Watches and Wonders in Geneva as part of four new tourbillons to be released this year. The powerful colors and light resemble a breaking dawn, breathtaking to those who lay eyes on it. The new design is a new variation of the tourbillon which has been at the heart of Roger Dubuis’ design for the last twenty years. The double tourbillon design, first released in 2005, adds an extra level of deep craftsmanship and this latest design uses seventeen different types of finishing on the movement. 

While the underbelly of the watch goes beyond the innovation of most watches, the exterior also employs creativity with a body made of 108 gems. Each stone is baguette cut with sublime precision and arranged in a sunrise gradient around the time piece. 

The other designs in this upcoming collection include The Orbis In Machina, the Excalibur Titanium Monotourbillon, and the Excalibur Dragon Monotourbillon. For red stones the Maison chose the vivid shades of garnet, for a medium shade orange spessartite gem is used, creating a mandarin look and yellow sapphire is woven in for the lightest stone. Hints of 18k pink gold can be found in the 45 mm case. 

Visitors will be in awe as they interact and immerse themselves in this innovative take on horology. The Excalibur Sunrise Double Tourbillon may just become everyone’s new co captain in the endless flight through time.

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