Istituto Marangoni Miami | Rocco Iannone Receives an Honorary Master’s Degree in Fashion Design

A Powerful Conversation During the 2024 Miami Grand Prix

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On Friday May 3, Istituto Marangoni Miami welcomed back Rocco Iannone to its campus. Since 2019, Iannone has spearheaded the creative content, design and image of Ferriar’s licensed apparel and accessories. Iannone took part in a conversation with the Institute's student body and community members during the Miami Grand Prix on his imagination for what the future of the brand holds. 

Once the conversation ended, Iannone was awarded with an Honorary Master’s Degree in Fashion Design by IMM’s VP of Academics Michael Allen Johnson for his outstanding work in the industry. A lively cocktail party was held on the school’s terrace with a sweeping view of the Miami Design District.  

Marangoni feels proud to call Iannone a graduate of their institution. His character so acutely represents the values of the school and the leadership roles they hope their students take on. “With a commitment to innovation, precision, forward-thinking, and great taste, he embodies the ethos of our school. It is with immense pride and admiration that we celebrate his distinguished contributions, with an Honorary Master's Degree in Fashion Design.” said Hakan Baykam, President and CEO of Istituto Marangoni Miami.

Istituto Marangoni Miami has made its mark in the city of Miami. The school has paved the way for Miami’s newfound title: global fashion hub. The school was first established in Milan and then expanded across the globe. The Miami campus beautifully infuses Italian philosophy with the soul of Miami to foster a new generation of creative thinkers. The duality of influences provides an innovative framework for students to learn from. As Iannone has shown, the future of these students has endless entrepreneurial and innovative promise. 

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