Raoul Plickat, nicknamed ‘The Face of Marketing’ in Germany talks his rise

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It’s not every day that you meet a 28-year-old powerhouse marketer and serial entrepreneur like Raoul Plickat who’s just as dedicated and motivated a decade into his career as he was when he was just starting out. 


However, Germany’s Plickat is here to prove that there’s never any limit to what you can accomplish, and how far you can push yourself both professionally and personally when you have the right mindset and environment. 


We recently got the chance to chat with Plickat about the attributes that have helped him along his journey in the business world, and some of the things he’s most excited about in the months and years ahead. 

Continued Motivation

Despite all the success that he’s garnered throughout his career, Plickat indicates that he still has a lot left that he wants to accomplish. He explains that he’s never reached the place where he feels like he’s hit the finish line–Plickat knows that there’s always one more mountain he can climb, or one more problem that he can solve.


Always hungry for more, Plickat continues to forge ahead and explore new ideas, concepts, and industries that will challenge him, and allow him to make a positive impact on the people and the world around him. 


He hates the idea of standing still and idle or getting too comfortable with where he’s at; rather, he always looks for new ways and opportunities where he can push himself and see what he’s capable of, something that has propelled him to success so far in his career. 


Plickat states: 


“Time is finite, so there are only so many things one can do in that time. Why not use it to become the best version of yourself and grow from every challenge you face?”


In fact, Plickat explains that the people he looks up to the most are high-level professional athletes because of the perseverance and discipline they possess, attributes that he takes very seriously in his own life. 


Additionally, he continues to find ways to better himself when it comes to fitness, knowledge, and overall life experiences, perhaps no better demonstrated than by the fact that he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro without any experience climbing ahead of this experience. It took five days to summit and just one to descend–which he says "usually takes climbers around two to three days to complete." 


With this kind of fortitude, it’s no surprise why he’s become such a dominating force in the business world, continually finding new ways to hack growth for his clients, unlock incremental value, and push the boundaries of what we’re told is possible in this world. 


Even still, he says that keeping integrity and character at the forefront of everything he does is the most important, knowing that what he does when no one is watching says everything you need to know about a person. He’s in it for the long run, and says that be doesn’t want to compromise his values or beliefs in the meantime just for a short-term gain.  

Cutting-Edge Strategy

Another factor that has been instrumental throughout Plickat’s career is his ability to identify new approaches, techniques, and technologies ahead of the mainstream. 


He tells us that through his experience founding his own fitness apparel brand when he was just 18, Plickat "recognized the power of sales and advertising and quickly pivoted to the world of marketing. Consuming all the information on the field that was available" to him, Plickat "became well-versed in the space and even coined his own technique of ‘Performance Branding’, a crossroads of personal branding and performance marketing with ads."


This he says is what led him "to be a breakthrough marketer in the personal branding space, launching many of today’s popular e-commerce brands, luxury brands, fitness influencers, and online coaches to success through his work." And where he has become admirably referred to as the ‘Face of Marketing’ by many across Germany and beyond. 


Beyond his marketing acumen, he tells us that he recently made a splash in the FinTech world with his latest endeavor, CopeCart. A FinTech company that aims to help digital creators sell online in just minutes. 

The company is claiming to already have nearly one hundred thousand registered clients, three executive managers, and over a hundred employees, which would not be possible without the precision, foresight, and expertise of Plickat. 

Forward-Thinking Mentality

Plickat’s willingness and bravery to enter new markets and be an early adopter has been a throughline in his journey through the business world. 


When Facebook first came out with its Mobile Video Ads program in 2013, Plickat says that he was one of the first marketers to adopt this new medium and run video ad campaigns on the platform. Looking back now, this was a pivotal moment for Plickat and one that he says "really solidified (him) as one of the leaders in the digital marketing space." 


Going forward, this evolutionary approach has not been lost on Plickat, especially as he looks ahead to the further deployment of AI programs across all business sectors and industries. His fascination with AI is nothing new, as he was initially introduced to this technology back in 2015 at the Thiel Fellowship Summit, much ahead of the mainstream. 


However, he looks forward to integrating AI into all of his future endeavors. In fact, at CopeMember, he says, "they have already adopted AI into their processes."


Each of these factors–consistent motivation, top-tier strategy, and a forward-thinking approach–are all pillars of who Raoul Plickat tell us he is, and why he’s seen so much success throughout his career. And we dont expect him to slow down anytime soon!

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Raoul Plickat