Building Lasting Connections: Rachel Choy’s Decade-Long Industry Insight on Cultivating a Strong Social Presence

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Social media has undoubtedly revolutionized the way people interact with each other and the world around them. From sharing photos and updates about daily life to promoting businesses, social media has created opportunities for anyone to build an online presence and reach a large audience. For Rachel Choy, a mom and entrepreneur with a decade-long career in social media, cultivating a strong following and building a successful brand requires more than just posting pretty pictures. 

According to Rachel, the secret to building a cult following on social media comes down to authenticity and consistency. "Authenticity is key," Rachel says. "People can smell a fake from a mile away. If you're not genuine, your followers will see right through you." Rachel also stresses the importance of consistency when it comes to building a loyal following. "Consistency is key," she says. "If you're not posting regularly, your followers will lose interest. You need to be consistent with your messaging and your branding."

"I only have around 200,000 followers, and I've been doing it for ten years. Some people have millions of followers in a year," Rachel reflects. "I always tell them 'you should rather choose to have good 1,000 followers that always support you and always engage with you." For Rachel, building a community with her followers and creating meaningful relationships is more important than simply accumulating a large number of followers. 

In addition to these key factors, Rachel also stresses the importance of being true to yourself and your brand. "Don't try to be someone you're not," she says. "Your followers will appreciate your authenticity and your unique perspective. Stay true to your brand and your values, and your followers will stick with you," Rachel points out.

She emphasizes the significance of replying to direct messages and engaging with her audience to establish a connection with them. "I work with brands and agencies over and over again because I have a good relationship with them," Rachel explains. "I build a community with my followers, so I always reply to their DM whenever I can. These little things matter." 

Rachel's philosophy is that building a successful brand on social media involves building strong relationships with not only followers but also with brands and agencies. She stresses the importance of good communication and fostering repeat customers. "I've been in sales pretty much all my life. So I know how to get repeat customers. I think repeat customers are the most important business now for you to grow everything," Rachel shares. 

As she puts it, "I always tell people if they’re passionate and if they want to do this - brand and partnership will come to them.” She says it’s the same thing with work and taking care of each connection and building good communication and relationships with people, brands, and everything you like is what it’s all about. Building a loyal following may take time, but by prioritizing authenticity, community-building, and relationship-building, aspiring social media influencers can lay a solid foundation for a successful career - just like Rachel.

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Rachel Choy