NTK NYC Is the It-Girl’s Hottest New Denim Brand

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​​Denim has been enduringly popular for decades thanks to its durability, versatility, and timeless style. And while it's existed for what feels like forever, NTK is a new denim brand bringing new, timeless denim trends to life. 

Niki Taylor Korman, founder, and designer of NTK began her fashion journey in 2018 when she moved to New York City after graduating from Drexel University. At Drexel, Korman earned a degree in fashion design, hoping to follow her dreams of creating timeless, elegant, and quality pieces. 

Korman's main goal at the start of her career was to create a brand with a unique vision. She had an initial concept of a boxy, slightly oversized garment in mind; from there, her staple Eddie, a sleek leather jacket, was born. Two years later, she transitioned from leather jackets to focusing fully on denim.

NTK has now expanded to include denim jackets, corset-style tops, tees, and an array of denim. Korman's mission is to create thoughtfully made garments that fit as well as they look.

Each piece is made from hand-selected fabrics, ensuring the denim is as comfortable as it is refined, ideal for on-the-go city girls. As a result, the denim line gives consumers the effortlessly stylish look they've been searching for, all while keeping comfort at the core of each piece. 

This past September, Korman had the privilege of attending Coterie. Additionally, NTK has had multiple pop-ups across New York City, Philly, and Los Angeles, proving that, coast to coast, everyone craves comfortable denim. 

And while the pop-ups have been a great way to expand the brand, social media has been the most significant asset that has helped NTK grow. The brand relies on posting on TikTok and Instagram to reach its customers organically. The brand also relies on word of mouth to reach more customers. NTK also has a wholesale presence. 

While Korman enjoys the creative aspect of her job, the most challenging part of her journey is sales and self-promotion. She's found that the simplest way to overcome her nervousness about self-promotion is by wearing her products, which come easily as she truly loves every piece she designs. 

Korman notes the satisfaction of seeing your visions come to life; however, she acknowledges that starting a business is challenging. Nevertheless, Korman wants people to know they can achieve the success they have longed for through hard work and determination. Additionally, she believes in celebrating your wins in your success journey, "Celebrating your successes is super important. Even if they seem small or unimportant, the journey flies by, so taking the time to commemorate each milestone is crucial," Korman comments. 

Korman dreams of having a complete team, office, and flagship store in Seaport, New York City. Additionally, she aspires to see NTK on major sites and stores.

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