Musician Nick Lamb | On his pathway to becoming a producer

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Producing music spans beyond striking the right tune or hitting the perfect key. It entails learning the intricacies involved in the musical process and having the ear to get the pitch right on every track. This skill set doesn't come as a gift only but with years of practice and incessant passion for creating music. Nick Lamb, the rising music producer, is creating quite a buzz in the music industry now as a new talent in this most challenging profile. Despite being a beginner, Nick Lamb climbs quite fast in the music scene, working with some of the A-listers from the industry. 

Nick Lamb is a music producer, writer, and pianist from Berkeley, California. Growing up in a home with an upright piano proved to be a blessing for Nick. He gravitated to melodies from the age of 3 or 4. Nick fell in love with the concept of harmony, created when one note or chord leads to another. He was curious to know why it sounded so pleasing to the ears. At 12, Nick's jazz teacher helped him pivot his interest in music in the right direction as he explained the dangers and implications of constraining himself to one song; instead, he advised that he sought time to understand the intricacies of building notes and creating whatever he wants. 

As Nick grew up, his interest fuelled into a passion. He wanted to make music endlessly. Starting his career as a professional pianist, Nick achieved several milestones performing at premiere venues and jazz festivals. Notable among them are Montreux in Switzerland, the North Sea in the Netherlands, and Umbria in Italy. Later, he attended the University of Miami, where he discovered his love of music production. During this time, he met Producer DannyBoyStyles, who immediately recognized Nick's talent and offered him to be a part of his production team. 

Nick was signed as a music producer in Danny's Production Company, Pure Music Group. He moved to Los Angeles and has since continued to charge head-on into the music space. So far, Nick has produced music for top names in the industry, such as The Weeknd, Belly, and Ali Gatie, among others. Nick also showcased his magic in Takis Commercial ft. Charli Damelio. The long list of records published by him includes "Poison" by The Weeknd, Aaliyah, "Flowers" by Belly, "I'll Be There For You" by Ali Gatie, "Hype" by Ilham, Vory, "Clear My Mind" by Dee Gatti, "Like the First Time" by Tone Stith, and "DWBR" by BRIDGE to name a few. 

In an industry that thrives on remarkable and dynamic talents, Nick as a music producer has managed to stand out for his originality and sense of perfect pitch. His experience as a pianist is incredibly valuable as he creates personalized melodies and chords without being a cheap imitation of some hit tracks. The most amazing aspect of Nick's talent is that he has learned to play the first note in the right key simply by listening to the record of an artist. 

Working with a passionate team for years has helped Nick Lamb focus more on his craft. Initially, he struggled to shut out outside noise, but he has gotten a firm grip on keeping his music unaffected by all other life stress. Nick treasures the team he works with and stays committed to making more fresh and unique music with them. In the coming times, he hopes to become part of a more prominent music label and collaborate with more icons from the industry.

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