The Man of the Moment Mike Diamond on Positivity and Performance in All Forms

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Author, entrepreneur, and coach Mike Diamond understands the rough-and-tumble of everyday life, as he dealt with some of the most challenging experiences one can go through. But this has strengthened him instead of striking him down. The result? Powerful healing practices meant to help people find their inner strength and never give up.

Mental positivity and performance are some of the main concerns Mike Diamond addresses in his revelatory podcast A Dose of Positivity and soon-to-be book with the same name. Mike also believes that the mind and body are deeply connected, so he promotes regular fitness training. He educates people from all around the world on healthy practices involving physical and mental performance, positivity, and finding that dose of motivation some of us seem to have lost on this obstacle-ridden path that we call simply life.

What is worthy of admiration here is that the lessons Mike teachers others are lessons learned by himself as he dealt with substance abuse and trauma. As the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  Well, that’s how Mike Diamond has become what he is today - a wellness role model, television personality, life and recovery coach, best selling author, and podcast host. It may sound like too much, but it isn’t, not for Mike Diamond, who does everything in his life around his purpose, and is driven with a deep desire to motivate and help others become the best version of themselves. Mike has learnt from the adversity he has faced over the year and his past has made him better not bitter. 

Let us introduce you to the man of the moment Mike Diamond.

Mike Has Gone Through It All

Mike exemplifies the very image of success at the present moment, but it wasn’t always like that. His life story isn’t out of a fairytale but rather from a motivational book. Born in Perth, Western Australia, Mike had a rough start in life, growing up in an unhealthy family environment. He was never helped to achieve his goals, even if his performance in school was worthy of applause. Moreover, the toxic environment he was constantly exposed to made him take the path of substance abuse as a trauma coping mechanism.

Nonetheless, Mike won a green card by chance in 1997 and moved to the U.S., where he had to work hard to take one step further toward a fulfilling career. And indeed, his perseverance and determination took him far enough to live a life that others can only dream of. But it’s just that some things come with a price. In Mike’s case, it was exhaustion and addiction. So, despite his remarkable success on American soil, he had an inner fight that was only consuming him.

At this point, Mike realized he had to do something to prevent auto-destruction. Drug and alcohol consumption was only destroying his chance of achieving great things. Witnessing a lot of his friends hitting rock bottom living the rock and roll lifestyle, Mike was determined to make a u-turn and start making more empowering life choices and embrace the path to healing. Fortunately, Mike recovered from addiction and adopted an inspiring lifestyle. From now on, his focus will be on bettering and encouraging others to do the same.

7 Steps to an Unbreakable Mindset

Fighting addiction is undoubtedly challenging, but Mike is one of the lucky winners. Seeing how addictive habits can ruin one’s whole life, he prioritized educating people on such an issue. Mike never assumed he would become an inspiration for others; this occurred naturally, as he became motivated to help  other  addicts from destroying their lives. From the beginning of his adventure, Mike’s purpose has been to motivate, inspire, and educate individuals on various topics, including overcoming addiction and adopting healthy life habits. His television appearances helped them do so, but Mike didn’t stop here. He started to deliver powerful speeches, which rapidly transformed him into a reputable life coach and speaker. Mike put so much faith in his advice that he eventually materialized it into a motivational book that is to become a bestseller. 7 Steps to an Unbreakable Mindset conveys, as its name also implies, seven actionable steps toward recovery and regaining mind agility. He discusses the usual impediments that stop people from achieving the standard they’re capable of, and solutions meant to help them see beyond these limits.

A Dose of Positivity

When one hears the word “dose”, they might direct their mind to places other than mindfulness and positive experiences. But Mike Diamond has adopted this concept to bring people the dose of positivity we all sometimes long for. His podcast has rapidly seen success, encouraging Mike to write a book with the same name. A Dose of Positivity gathers distinguished guests, from former addicts to successful entrepreneurs and celebrities, to talk about issues like addiction, loss of focus, performance, mental health, and many more. And it’s his very approach to topics and his attitude that bring these people together and make them share their inspiring stories. Mike interviews his guests so they can feel free of inhibitions and share their experiences without hesitation. This way, he gives individuals exactly what the podcast’s name implies - that dose of positivity and solutions needed to overcome mental and physical exhaustion and fight addiction.

Diamond Life Fuel

Mike is a firm believer that our bodies need a boost to heal and thrive. So, taking into account the needs of everyone, from athletes to parents and entrepreneurs, Mike developed Diamond Life Fuel - a supplement line meant to help people reach their potential physically and mentally. Since every habit and action we take starts in the brain, getting a  dose of brain fuel is key. People underestimate the importance of having  healthy brain function. No one can  achieve great things,  if their minds aren’t  firing on all cylinders.  Mind Focus 2.0 by Diamond Life Fuel can enhance mental performance and help people achieve their goals, whether talking about entrepreneurial aspirations, workout objectives, or simply going through the day without feeling exhausted.

The supplement is tested by Mike himself, who uses it regularly to gain more energy and burn fat. Mike would never recommend something without trying it first, and this is pretty clear from all his experiences and later-born projects.

Mike Diamond’s involvement in helping people regain their health is worth admiring. His constant care for people has made him an exemplary personality in today’s world that is in such a great need for inspirational figures.

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