Tips from top L.A. real estate agent Marco Salari of Coldwell Banker

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American-born, Italian-raised Marco Salari joined Coldwell Banker in 2018. Fresh off of a professional basketball career with Italy’s National Team, Marco Salari returned to Los Angeles to fulfill his destiny— real estate. Marco comes from a long lineage of real estate agents and investors. He is a natural. 


As a broker, Marco brings the same dedication and desire to win to the housing market that he brought to the court. He prides himself on putting his client’s interests first, communicating honestly, following-through and getting the deal done. He believes in the importance of nurturing close client relationships that build on a foundation of trust, “The more we listen to our clients, the better we understand their needs, allowing us to focus and deliver more than they expect.”


This year, Marco Salari was the youngest real estate agent to be nominated as a Rising Star at the Hollywood Reporter’s Los Angeles Power Broker Awards. 

Holding the title of Luxury Estates Director, Salari, together with his partner, Brent Watson, created Watson Salari Group which covers various areas of the city, from Malibu to Sherman Oaks, from Downtown to Long Beach, as well as Miami and New York, where he recently sold a condo. 


One thing Marco ensures as a real estate agent is being active for his clients to remember him. “Being a real estate agent also means you have to be a bit of a psychologist, each client is different, with a different job, personal situation, and needs,” Marco explains. “Every day I see 20, 30 houses, which I study in detail because when I talk with my clients I want to be prepared and know exactly what I can offer.”


He’s now paving his path in the real estate industry, armed with real-world knowledge and experience to share with you some insider tips. 


“You need to know the market very well, from A to Z, like the various areas of the city and the average prices of houses. You need to know who buys them, who sells them, what goes into escrow, how the banking system works, and if foreigners could access concessions in buying a house in the United States,” he explained. 


He also suggests that real estate agents like him should learn the clauses concerning contracts and how to work with the notary, also known as escrow in America. 


It is a very demanding and intense job, but it is my passion,” Marco said. 


Marco follows this formula strictly because it has brought him success in his listings. 

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